GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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"We are so lucky to have a community like ours."

“In an extended family full of GA lifers since 1973, most day-before-first-day-of-school-dinner conversations circled around which teachers we were lucky enough to have each year at GA, comparing our old schedules with our new. Somehow, many GA teachers seem to transcend time. From the Dwight Petersons to the Patrick Davids, the Roger Eastlakes, Peter and Maggie McVeighs, the Ginny Hoffmans, the Jim Connors, and the Judy Krouses, we have been graced by the presence of all the greats. So, as I went off to the faraway land of Lehigh University, I realized that I was on my own. Without a legacy, but that of my uncle’s 30 years prior, suddenly, I had no one with whom I could compare schedules. I was blazing my own path. But, as I have learned over breaks and particularly NOW; there is some clause, somewhere in the extensive “GA Bubble” rulebook that allows us to come back when we need to. There is something about GA that always makes a space for us at the seemingly full table. GA teachers become Facebook friends and they become guests at your wedding. And without those people, those legendary faculty members that make GA GA, GA is nothing but a high tuition on a sprawling property. As my little sister’s 6th grade year is coming to a close virtually, things are looking a bit different, but seeing Mrs. Donches’ face on the computer screen every other day has been a light for us in an uncertain, dark place. We are so lucky to have our GA Bubble. We are so lucky to have a community like ours. So, like the newest oak tree in Connor Quad is doing, we are growing in a new environment, surrounded by the love of some great people and old friends."

- Sarah Steffens '18 (daughter of Wendie '88)


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