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"Thank you GA teachers for a combined 94 years of educating the Van Blarcom and Butler families!"

“Thank you GA teachers for a combined 94 years of educating the Van Blarcom and Butler families! From beginning our days with a handshake, curtesy, or bow in the 1970’s, my brother Jim Van Blarcom and I thank all who shaped our journeys. Between us, our six children have also benefitted from the influence of GA faculty! A special shout-out to the many who inspired, encouraged and formed our collective paths:

From Lower School: Miss Crane (Devlin), Mrs. Caffey, Mr. Savering, the incredible fourth grade team of Williams, Martin, Nagle and Blumenriech, Mr. McVeigh (in LS), Mrs. Bennett, Mrs. Holmes….GO BLUE!!!

From Middle School: Mrs. Delaurio, Mrs. Rubenfield and Mr. Stephens, Mr. Jennings, Mrs. Cho and Mrs. Donches…

From Upper School: The “Greats” Miss Day, Mr. Farwell, Mr. Probert, Mr. Schoff, Col. Sinclaire, Mr. Leshan, Mr. David, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Garvin. And to those that have continued the tradition: Mr. McVeigh (again), Mrs. McVeigh, Mr. Rittenhouse, Mr. Hainey, Ms. Goldstein, Mr. St Jean, Mr. Nelson, Miss Raider, Mr. Freedland, Mrs. Graffam, Mr. Moyer, Mr. Murray and to ALL PE teachers and coaches!

Thank you for giving us space to question, think, collaborate, appreciate, calculate, write and communicate, we are who we are because of you! Thank you GA teachers for 94 years with us, we are forever grateful because of YOU!

Go Patriots!”

- Lisa (Van Blarcom) Butler ’82, P’15 ’17 ’20


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