GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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I love GA because everyone learns from each other! – Rich Schellhas, Head of School - I love GA because of the sense of community. – Charley Harmar ’67 - I love GA because the teachers think of really cool things to do and my friends are very kind. – Grace H. ’28 - I love GA because my kids receive an amazing education and we have joined a wonderful community! - I love GA because it has the most caring and supportive teachers and staff! - I love GA because it supports the development of my child’s “independent voice.” - I love GA because the administrators and faculty members build strong and lasting relationships with our children that even extend to our families. – Carol Momjian & Michael Hanamirian P ’13, ’15, & ’18 - I love GA because my children love their school experience and they are well prepared for life after GA. - I love GA because we have happy and engaged students! – Sue Szczepkowski, Head of Lower School - I love GA because the teachers always encouraged my work and especially my writing. I was so well prepared for college that it was not new or intimidating to me. – Fred Stuart ’61 - I love GA because I get to spend my days with thoughtful, compassionate, and curious third graders who make me smile each and every day! – Marnie McDonald, 3rd grade teacher - I love GA because of its strong community and forever friends. – Kristen Buckler ’00 - I love GA because of the sense of community is so rich that whether you are here for two weeks or forty years, GA is a part of you forever. – Karin Fortwangler ’06 - I love GA because it gave me friends for a lifetime. - Danika Gottbrecht ’13 - I love GA because of our wonderful memories and friendships that have lasted through the years. – Michael Schurr ’80 & Susan Schurr ’80 - I love GA because it made a difference in my education. – Richard Taxin ’66 - I love GA because of the loyal teachers, administrators, and staff who were committed to creating an environment conducive to the most effective learning for its hard working students. – Evan Gross ’97 - I love GA because it enriched my life in countless ways and gave me a foundation for lifelong learning. - Steve Christy ’90 - I love GA because of how well it prepared me for college and my career. – Quinn Cunningham ’02 - I love GA because it made me who I am today. – Margaret Whitman ’00 - I love GA because it helped my daughter develop the self-confidence and the talent to pursue her dreams. – Christina Derbyshire ’97, P ‘16

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