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Alumni Honor Peter C. McVeigh 1760

The legacy of Peter C. McVeigh 1760 will live on for future generations to come here at Germantown Academy thanks to the overwhelming response to GA’s “25 Years, 25 Days” campaign to endow the Peter C. McVeigh 1760 Upper School Director of Community Service and Day of Service.

Incredibly, but not surprising, alumni classes from the past 25 years raised $29,000, which exceeded the goal of raising $25,000 to be matched 1:1 by several anonymous donors. During the 25 day campaign, parents of alumni, friends, and faculty joined the effort, as well as the Classes of 1992 and 1997, who have focused their reunion efforts on raising funds for this endowment. Together, they have committed $180,000, which exceeded GA’s goal of $100,000.

Behind the scenes, a campaign committee encouraged community members to offer their support and dozens of eager alumni volunteers, specifically Alumni Committee Chairs Kristen Gowing ‘07, Amy Gowing '11, and Emily Denisco '10, assisted through a personal outreach campaign on social media.

“Mr. McVeigh made an amazing impact on everyone,” said Denisco. “He embodied compassion and generosity in everything he did. To honor his legacy, Kristen, Amy and I felt compelled to take a leadership role in this initiative to ensure that his beliefs and spirit would be shared with future students. The world needs more people like McVeigh.”

The McVeigh Endowment will offer permanent financial support to perpetuate and enhance the Upper School Community Service program, as well as dedicate a day of service in memory of Peter McVeigh to engage students further in meaningful service learning.

The invested funds will:

Provide Annual Budgetary Needs for CSO:
To continue its mission to raise awareness and work directly with people and organizations related to the significant and enduring impact of service that Peter McVeigh valued.

Offer new opportunities
By expanding the work of CSO such as engaging speakers and civic leaders to share with students various challenges and needs in local, national and international communities.

Connect GA Students:
To the larger national and worldwide need, which was a passion of Peter’s. The hope is that broadening and deepening the connection to a variety of issues could springboard broader collaborative action on the Peter C. McVeigh 1760 Day of Service.

McVeigh Endowment Committee

Linda Baron P'01 '03
Mary Joan Denisco P'10
Sara Gowing P'07 '11
Mark Korman '86 P'19 '22

Alumni Committee

Jennifer Stern '90
Ashley Ganz '91
Ron Gonen '93
Gina Maletta-Sannicandro '95
Solange Schipani '95
Stephanie N. Lueckel '96
Hillary Weinstein '96
Katey Dyck '98
Nina K. Markey '98
Carolyn A. Nagy '98
Adam Rubinfield '98
Peter Jennings '99
Kristen Luekel Buckler '00
Michael Buckler '00
Jen Ramirez Miller '00
Erin Osborn '01
Eliza Hanson Schindler '01
Michael Genuardi '03
Clare Guinn Hyams '03
Diana Rodgers '03
Jess Hopkins ‘03
Stephanie Dore '04
Ellen Cohn '04
Nicole Finelli '05
Emily Solis-Cohen '06
Megan Cipolloni Dolan '07
*Kristen Gowing '07
Danielle Hankin'07
Liza McDevitt '08
Katie Martin '08
Moira Schafle '08
Molly Andrews '09
Abby Coombs '09
Missy Dolaway '09
Jess Erb '09
Avery Feldman '09
Alli Ladley '09
*Emily Denisco '10
Katie Oberkircher '10
Hirsh Shah '10
Lea Tsoubanos '10
Rachael Burke '11
*Amy Gowing '11
Alex Farris '11
Liz Boetefuer '12
Erin Fenerty '12
Mauri Honickman '12
Cori Rosen '12
Grace Sloane '12
Shelby Wildgust '12
Laura Conn '13
Bridie Lawlor '13
Jackie Lawlor '13
Helena Martin '13
Megan McGinnis '13
Katie Tanner '13
Shira Epstein '14
Lily Feldman '15
Kaela Griswold '15
Meg Westrum '15
Grace Polisano '16
Tesa Pribitkin '16
Nina Tang '16

* Alumni Committee Chairs