GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Dedicate a Space



A perfect place to breathe in the full experience of The Preserve, outdoor benches will be positioned strategically through the trail and near varied points of interest.

Smart Boards

The latest in educational support technology, SMART Boards present teachers, in every classroom in the Middle and Upper Schools, with a novel way to reach students using a medium with which they are very comfortable. These multimedia presentation boards provide a colorful, tactile, engaging way to establish the connection between students and their course materials.


Harkness Tables

The Harkness method, as any GA alum knows, is a critical component to humanities teaching in the Upper School. These custom made tables encourage students to express their opinions, foster their own voice and participate equally with instructors and peers in class discussion.


Dugout, Softball

A prime feature of our fine varsity facility, the dugouts provide covered and dedicated team space during games for players and coaches.

US Faculty Offices

Supplemental to their classroom space, faculty in varied educational disciplines in the Upper School utilize the Faculty Office space as a place to meet with students and colleagues.


Digital Quad, Beard Center for Innovation

The Beard Center for Innovation is comprised of the Maker Space and four Digital Quads. Digital Quads are dedicated, but flexible, classrooms designed to encourage collaboration and group learning. Equipped with the latest technology, as well as, writing surfaces and old fashioned markers, the Digital Quads empower students to share and test ideas and to be inspired by their peers.

Tennis Court

As a component of our new twelve (12) court tennis complex, each court is built to USTA competition standard and utilized by all Upper and Middle School teams, gym classes, as well as Summer programs.

Classroom, MS/US

Classroom spaces, in every educational discipline, have been redesigned to maximize the close connections between faculty and students. Every classroom features SMART Board technology, dramatically increased natural light and a flexible layout for possible future changes in teacher methodology. In addition, Upper School classrooms easily hold the traditional Harkness Tables.

Head Librarian Office

Located within the hub of our new Roberts Family Library and Technology Center, the Head Librarian’s Office signifies the leadership of this leading student research resource center and featured space in the new school design.

Math Faculty Suite, US

Designed with the collaborative needs of our faculty in mind, the Upper School Math Faculty Suite provides office space for teachers to meet with students or to intersect with colleagues.