Germantown Academy Summer CampGermantown Academy Summer Camp

Yoga, Positive Thinking & Meditation

Yoga camp is half day and will transition to Day Camp at 11:30am

Basic yoga for kids includes modern and traditional poses for energy and stretching, along with non-spiritual meditation designed to calm and de-stress. Techniques such as color blocking and color aide are designed to settle the mind. Visualization for centering thought and promoting relaxation will be practiced. Youngsters ponder fine art and photography to soothe their active minds. Positive thinking skills as well as opportunities for creative expression are also explored. After Yoga, campers will continue on to Day Camp to complete their day.

Grades: 1-5
Dates: June 29 –July 2 (no camp on July 3) Canceled
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $360