NYC Teen Caravan-See Hamilton!

NYC Teen Caravan (overnight)

Head to the Big Apple for a summer's worth of experiences in just three days! Campers will enjoy three amazing shows:

  • Hamilton, the hip hop musical and world-wide phenomenon.Campers will be able to say that they had the “shot” to see the most popular show of their generation live on Broadway.
  • Blue Man Group, an interactive wet-and-wild performance where we will be sitting in the front rows. Ponchos will be provided!
  • Caroline, or Change, a beautiful musical set during the Civil Rights Movement in Louisiana that centers around an 8-year old boy and his family’s African American maid.The other two shows are much better known, but this one is a hidden gem that any fan of musical theater or American history can connect to.

Other activities include:

  • Rides on row boats and the carousel in Central Park
  • A visit to the new Museum of Modern Art (MOMA)
  • A karaoke party

Transportation will be provided by GA and campers will stay in Manhattan. Chaperoned by GA Middle School Teachers Bayard Templeton and Kristen Donches. Camp is limited to 9 boys and 9 girls.

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Grades: 7-9
Dates: June 22-24 Canceled
Time: Full day and overnight
Fee: $995 (five meals included)