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Have you ever wondered how the most popular musicians make their music? Did you know that you already have what it takes, even if you've never had a piano or guitar lesson?

At Music Tech Camp, learn how your favorite artists create hits, how to create amazing sounds using technology, and how to network and collaborate with your friends to make the biggest song of the summer!

You will learn how to create incredible content, music, and sound effects using the tech and software you already have at your fingertips: use Garageband, samplers, drum machines, software instruments, and other tech to create the next big hit! No Music training or theory required!

Campers will learn how to utilize sound design to create deep and unique textures and timbres, while also using that same tech to implement the progressions and melodies that make their productions "radio ready". Are you ready to create the new sounds of the 2020s?

Campers will be required to provide their own laptop or iPad and headphones that they bring to camp each day.

Dates: June 21-25; July 26-30
Grades: 1-2
Price: $500

Dates: August 2-6
Grades: 2-3
Price: $500