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Minecraft, Coding, Digital Design

Germantown Academy Summer CampGermantown Academy Summer Camp

Lavner Camps

Our friends at Lavner have even more awesome camps available this year at Germantown Academy!

Lavner Weekly Schedule

Spy Camp with Among Us

Calling all agents. There is an impostor among us! We need you to use your special skills and deductive reasoning to determine who is sus and help us take them down.

Hone your spy skills with special lessons that will teach you how to tell when someone is lying, how to go undetected and gain trust, and other important abilities that every spy needs.

Campers will play the new hit game Among Us and learn how to solve the case quickly as an expert detective and pull off impressive impostor plays that will shock their friends! Campers will  learn special strategies, play fun and hilarious settings, and compete in exciting camp tournaments! All competitions will be held in private Lavner Camps Lobbies with supervision.

To maintain secrecy, agents will develop their own secret code, so they can send messages to each other or their friends without appearing sus. All agents will also design their own spy logo and receive a T-shirt with that logo in the mail.

Each day a camper will be selected at random to be the “impostor” and will have special missions they need to complete without detection from the rest of the camp. Do you think you have what it takes to pull it off?

Ages: 7-10yrs
Dates: July 25 - July 29
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $649

Spy Tech Camp

Explore New Missions for 2022 at the World’s Leading Spy Tech Camp!

In this action-packed camp, take your technology skills to the next level by participating in exciting spy missions throughout the week. Agents will need to fly drones, create surveillance systems, encrypt messages, and much more! Each new topic is utilized for a spy mission, creating a one-of-a-kind camp experience that enhances skills in technology, leadership, and more!

Valuable Learning Opportunities include gaining exposure to data analysis, logical thinking, high-tech collaboration, Morse Code, and Scratch or Python Coding!

Ages: 7-12yrs
Dates: June 20 - 24; July 25 - 29
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $649

Engineering Camp with littlebits - Invent and Code - Build.  Engineer.  Design.  Code.

LittleBits uses small magnetic circuit boards that snap together to make amazing electronic devices. Each bit has a specific function such as a button, light, or speaker. The variety of specialized bits means there are thousands of possible combinations allowing for unique inventions! Using the code bit, campers learn to code their newly-made hardware using drag and drop programming. Campers build awesome projects like an electric guitar, a tug of war game, a Morse code machine, or their own invention!

Valuable Learning Opportunities include hands-on inventing and an introduction to variables, loops, logic, and functions, and an introduction to the fundamentals of engineering and programming.

Ages: 6-10yrs
Dates: July 5 - 8 (closed July 4); August 8 - 12
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $519.20 (July 4 week), $649 (other week)

3D Innovation & Design with Minecraft Camp - The Ultimate Minecraft™ Camp.

At Minecraft™ Camp, utilize your creativity, learn and improve your skills, and work individually or collaboratively in an exclusive virtual world on our own private servers!

Valuable Learning Opportunities include individual/multi-player builds, installing and using mods, survival & scratch crafting recipes, customizing Minecraft™ maps, utilizing redstone & electrical circuits, game design, working with multiplayer servers, building competitions, and weekly Minecraft™ tournaments!

Ages: 7-12
Dates: June 20 - 24; July 11 - July 15; July 18 - 22; August 8 - 12
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $649

Roblox Camp with Game Design & Competitions - Build Skills. Compete. Have Fun. Repeat.

At Roblox Camp, campers design and create their own 3D worlds. Choosing from a variety of different templates, campers can select their type of world and customize their environment. Add awesome features such as drawbridges, scoreboards, clocks, traps, power ups, and customized terrain! With so many options to include, campers can create a game that is unique, fast-paced, and fun! Lessons in camp cover LUA Programming to power different features in Roblox. Campers can also learn how to add characters to their environment even learn how to hatch their own Roblox pet.

Valuable Learning Opportunities include exposure to building, engineering, and programming, as well as practice collaborating with others in multiplayer servers and tournament competitions!

Ages: 7-12yrs
Dates:  July 5 - 8 (closed July 4); July 11 - 15; July 25 - 29; August 1 - 5
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee $519.20 (July 4 week), $649 (other weeks)

Roblox with Obbys Lua Coding - Build Skills.  Design.  Code.  Repeat

New Projects and Competitions for 2022!

Roblox is an amazing program that lets you design and play unique and fun games. This course focuses on creating your very own obbys. An obby, short for obstacle course, is a series of platforms and challenges that players have to jump through and navigate correctly to reach an end goal. Campers learn how to design and model a course like this in a 3-dimensional environment.

Once campers have created their first Obby, they’ll learn how to customize it by changing colors, creating moving platforms and more.

In this course, we also focus on programming and creating games using Roblox Studio and the programming language Lua. Lua is a high-level programming language that we can use to code features like traps, powerups, scoreboards, character movement, and more in Roblox!

Campers will also get the chance to participate in fun games and challenges each day. With a variety of fun Roblox games and a little competition, campers will have a blast and learn special tricks and strategies along the way.

Ages: 9-13yrs
Dates: June 20 - 24; July 18 - 22; August 8 -12
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $649

Among Us Camp with Strategy and Game Theory - Take Your Among Us Skills to the Next Level.

In this camp, you will learn how to break down, study, and improve your gameplay. You will learn how to use your observation skills and deductive reasoning in a variety of games and social experiments to determine the best plays and learn how to win!

Play the new hit game Among Us and learn tips and tricks to help go undetected and beat your friends with 200 IQ plays or sus out the impostor and win the game! Campers will play Among Us, learn strategies to improve their gameplay, and compete in fun camp tournaments! All competitions will be held in private Lavner Camps Lobbies with supervision.

We will also learn how to solve logic games, count cards, and explore fascinating experiments to see how people act and why! Examining strategies like these can help you succeed in gameplay and beyond! Understanding and solving logic games teaches you how to think critically and use deductive reasoning – skills which are useful everywhere in life!

Ages: 10-14
Dates: June 27 - July 1
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $649

Coding Camp 101 with Scratch - Get A Head Start In Coding.

Campers gain great experience with computer science using Scratch, a program designed by the MIT Media Lab, to code, create, and share projects. Scratch uses a custom programming language that is easy to understand. By moving and combining blocks of code, campers develop their own super cool animation projects. Campers can also make their animations interactive by including instructions, designing their character’s costumes, adding unique background images and sounds, and programming characters to dance, sing, talk, and more!

Valuable Learning Opportunities include preparing for success in coding, improving logical thinking skills, and building creativity and design skills.

Camp Take-Homes: At least two projects, a Coding Camp 101 Certificate of Excellence, a 2022 Limited Edition T-Shirt, and a Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard.

Ages: 6-10yrs
Weeks: June 27 - July 1, July 18 - July 22, August 1 - 5
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Price: $649

Minecraft Camp with Harry Potter - Themed Builds and Events - The Magic of Minecraft™ at Your Fingertips.

At Minecraft™ – Harry Potter Custom Builds & Events, get immersed in the world of Harry Potter within Minecraft™ by designing and building some of the famous buildings from the Harry Potter universe, using redstone to create magic special effects, as well as using a custom magic plugin to design and create magic Harry Potter-themed minigames.

Valuable Learning Opportunities include building and designing re-creations of Harry Potter builds using reference images and blueprints, using redstone to design special effects to enhance the builds, learning about plugins, going on an epic Harry Potter-themed adventure, experimenting with a custom magic plugin, and using the magic plugin to design custom minigames for the end of the week!

Camp Take-Homes: Camp project(s), a Minecraft Camp Certificate of Excellence, a 2022 Limited Edition T-Shirt, and a Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard.

Ages: 7-12yrs
Weeks: June 27 - July 1; August 1 - 5
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Price: $649

Graphic Design Camp - Custom Converse Sneakers & T-Shirt Design - Create the Next Big Brand.

Campers express their creativity and learn practical and technical computer skills by launching their very own brand and apparel line! Using graphic design software, campers complement their creativity with the proper technical skills to produce designs that communicate messages and leave lasting visual impressions. Campers create their own custom designs for a pair of white Converse sneakers and two shirts!

Valuable Learning Opportunities include gaining knowledge of typography, pure design elements like colors, shapes, and images, as well as design skills to organize and convey information, strengthen conceptual skills, and produce clean and effective work product.

Camp Take-Homes: Custom Converse Sneakers with your customized design and two Custom-Printed white T-shirts, Portfolio of Your Design Work, Graphic Design with Converse – Certificate of Excellence, 2022 Limited Edition T-Shirt, Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard.

Ages: 8-12yrs
Weeks: June 27 - July 1, July 11-July 15
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Price: $699

Minecraft Camp - World Builder & Competitions - Take Your Minecraft Skills to the Next Level.

As one of the world’s leading Minecraft™ Camps, we offer Minecraft™ World Builder for campers with Minecraft™ experience who want to dive deeper into intermediate/advanced gameplay and map construction in Minecraft™. Students work in teams to complete large-scale cooperative projects and participate in survival challenges and minigame competitions. Campers also learn how to do cool things like install and work with mods, make advanced redstone circuits, and use command blocks. Each day, campers are presented with a new survival challenge and a new construction goal. On Thursdays and Fridays campers build minigames and participate in weekly tournaments! The excitement is off the charts!

Valuable Learning Opportunities include building survival skills, advanced redstone lessons, learning how to use command blocks, high level teamwork and communication, and tournament competitions!

Camp Take-Homes: Camp project(s), a Minecraft Camp Certificate of Excellence, a 2022 Limited Edition T-Shirt, and a Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard.

Ages: 10-14yrs
Weeks: July 5-8 (closed July 4), July 25-July29
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Price: $519.20 (July 4 week), $649 (other week)

Space & Rockets - Exploring Kerbal Space Program - Space Enthusiasts Wanted.  Rocket Scientists Made Here.

Welcome to Planet Kerbal, where you create, direct, and build up your own space program! Join us to explore, innovate, and learn rocket science using the critically acclaimed simulation game Kerbal Space Program. Design your own spaceships, conduct experiments to unlock new features, and launch & pilot your own multi-stage rockets within a physics-accurate space flight simulation.

In addition to creating and flying rockets in Kerbal Space Program, campers also have the chance to build and customize their own space station using Roblox’s incredible game design studio. Advanced campers may even get a chance to program their rockets to fly!

Campers also can design their own custom space T-shirt! Campers quickly learn how to use graphic editing software, and put together a unique design.

Camp Take-Homes: Custom Space T-Shirt, Space & Rockets – Certificate of Excellence, 2022 Special Edition T-Shirt, Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard

Ages: 10-14yrs
Weeks: July 18 - 22; August 1 - 5
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Price: $699

Space Exploration - Your Mission Awaits.

We’re headed to space! Join the Lavner Camps Space Exploration for a week’s worth of fun where campers can build, explore, learn, and have a blast! Campers are sent on specially developed fun and exciting space missions that provide Valuable Learning Opportunities in physics, rocketry, astronomy, and math. Each day, campers receive new challenges and missions that keep camp exciting and fresh. Missions have multiple options for campers of different levels.

Activities that campers can complete during missions include Designing and 3D Printing Spaceships, Rocket Launching with Roblox, Designing a Custom Space Suit, and Building a Rover!

Camp Take-Homes: 3D Printed Spaceship, Custom Space T-Shirt, Space Exploration – Certificate of Excellence, 2022 Special Edition T-Shirt, Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard

Ages: 7-11yrs
Weeks: July 5 - 8 (closed July 4)
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Price: $519.20

Coding Camp with Python - Make an Impact With Python™.

Code cool graphics, games, and programs! Campers benefit from clean syntax and other streamlined attributes within Python™ that provide a new approach to learning and understanding programming. With Python™, coders can often write code more quickly, allowing them to produce project results in a shorter period of time.

Valuable Learning Opportunities include creating programming concepts, developing logical thinking skills, and coding impressive and entertaining projects taught throughout the week!

Camp Take-Homes: At least one Python Project, a Python Camp Certificate of Excellence, a 2022 Limited Edition T-Shirt, and a Lavner Camps VIP Lanyard.

Ages: 10-14yrs
Weeks: June 20 - June 24, July 11-July 15, August 8-August 12
Time: 9am-3:30pm
Price: $699