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Germantown Academy Summer CampGermantown Academy Summer Camp

Coding for Girls

In Coding for Girls, campers learn the basics of computer programming, computer science, and robotics through fun and creative activities. The goal is for young girls to discover and foster a love for technology. We will use tools like the Blockley programming language to learn how to solve problems and to use code to interact with the real world. No experience is necessary to join this camp! Led by GA Middle School Librarian Sarah Blake. Campers should bring headphones or earbuds with them daily.

Grades: 1-3
Dates: June 17-21
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: Sorry, this camp is full, but you can sign up for the waitlist on the registration site.

Grades: 4-6
Dates: July 15-19
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $450

Lavner Camps

Our friends at Lavner have even more awesome camps available this year at Germantown Academy!

Engineering Camp with littleBits – Invent and Code

Have you ever wanted to invent and build your own electronics, or wondered what’s happening inside devices like computers, phones, and TVs? Join us for Engineering with Little Bits to make inventions come to life! Learn about electricity, circuits, and programming while building with electronic blocks to create amazing projects.

Little bits uses small magnetic circuit boards that snap together to make amazing electronic devices. Each bit has a specific function such as a button, light, or speaker. The variety of specialized bits means there are thousands of possible combinations allowing for unique inventions.

Using the code bit, you can learn to code your newly made hardware using drag and drop programming. This is a great way to learn fundamentals of engineering and programming while having tons of fun! We’ll introduce real programming concepts such as variables, loops, logic, and functions.

We’ll start off by teaching you the basics like the function of each bit, how to create a circuit, and how to program the code bit. Then we’ll guide you through building some awesome projects like an electric guitar, an awesome tug of war game, or a morse code machine! Finally, we’ll give you the chance to be creative and make your own invention or adapt one of ours! Create something new and share it with the rest of the camp at the end of the week!

Grades: 1-5
Dates: June 17-21; June 24-28
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $549/week

MineCraft: 3D Innovation & Design

Exciting New Curricula, Projects & Tournaments for 2019!

This camp is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced campers with separate curricula for all three levels. Campers may attend one week or multiple weeks, and move up in curricula each week!

At Minecraft™ Camp, campers can utilize their own creativity, learn and improve their skills, and work individually or collaboratively in the same virtual world (on our own private servers) at this awesome and unique computer camp!

In addition to designing and building, we take camper experiences far beyond by teaching lessons in Installing and using mods, survival & scratch crafting recipes, customizing Minecraft™ maps, utilizing redstone & electrical circuits, game design, working with multiplayer servers, and building competition skills in weekly Minecraft™ tournaments!

Our own servers allow campers to work together on the same projects, creating fun and dynamic group interaction!

Using Minecraft™ as a learning tool, campers utilize various Minecraft skills to customize and create their own epic worlds! Campers learn how to build their own landscapes and explore the benefits and challenges of various biomes, and how to “craft” their own items for survival and decoration. Campers also use an inventory of blocks and various resources to literally “mine” and “craft” projects like famous monuments, flying cities, train stations, spy hideouts with secret entrances, ancient civilizations, alien colonies, wild west towns, or structures of their own choosing!

*Projects can include the construction of a train system, roller coaster, trapdoor/tunnel, aerial paths, and waterways allowing all players strategic access to tour and travel the entire environment for observation, work efficiency, and gameplay. Teleporting is also an option! Campers can create worlds that encompass gameplay and a storyline.

Campers may choose to work with other campers or on their own, but group participation is highly encouraged. By working in the same world with multiple players, campers assume different roles (builder, architect, resource gatherer, electrical engineer, protector, team leader etc…) where communication and fulfilling one’s project responsibilities are very important to achieving the group’s collective goals. Campers may also decide to act individually as builders and then connect their structures with the rest of the team in a later phase of the overall project.

From a social standpoint, campers learn teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of sharing and implementing ideas, and fulfilling a variety of roles in the completion of bigger projects while working face to face.

Campers also engage in weekly tournaments on Fridays! The excitement is off the charts!

Grades: 2-7
Dates: June 24-28; July 15-19; July 22-26
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $549/week

Esports Academy - Madden & FIFA with Strategy, Analytics & Competitions

Do you know the difference between a Base 4-3 and a Tampa-2 formation? Can you perfectly time your shots in FIFA to get extra power and accuracy?

It’s time for boot camp.

At our Esports Camp with FIFA & Madden, you can improve your skills, learn strategy, and play tournaments all while having a blast in a dynamic and social environment.

Grades: 4-8
Dates: July 1-5 (no camp on July 4)
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $463.20

Roblox Camp with Game Design & Competitions

Welcome to the Amazing World of Roblox! With over 70 million users worldwide, Roblox is one of the fastest growing trends in Digital Game Design and Game Play!

At Roblox Camp, campers design and create their own 3D worlds. With choices of many different templates, campers can select their type of world and customize their environment.

In addition to designing Roblox Worlds, campers will also create their own game. Add awesome features such as drawbridges, scoreboards, time clocks, traps, power ups, or customized terrain! With so many options to add, campers can create a game that is unique, fast paced, and fun!

Lessons in camp cover LUA Programming to power different features in Roblox. Campers can also learn how to code cool features such as player health and add characters to their environment.

From a social standpoint, campers learn teamwork, cooperation, and the importance of sharing and implementing ideas as they work on their projects. Throughout the week, campers engage in awesome multiplayer competitions using our Lavner Camps VIP servers!

At the end of the week, campers go home with 1-2 customized, ready to play Roblox games!

Grades: 2-7
Dates: July 8-12; July 15-19
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $549

Next Generation Coding

Welcome to the amazing world of next generation coding, a fun and exciting computer camp, where campers gain hands on experience with computer science! Campers use Scratch, a program created by the MIT Media Lab, to code, create, and share projects. Campers code from the backend to create character actions in addition to establishing entire interactive adventures and stories.

Scratch uses a custom programming language that is in easy to understand. By moving and combining blocks of code, campers develop their own programs to create super cool animation projects. Campers can also make their animations interactive by including instructions, designing their character’s costumes, adding unique background images and sounds, and programming their characters to dance, sing, and talk, in addition to other endless possibilities!

The types of projects vary ranging from game design, to animation, to adventure! Some projects may include creating A Maze Game , Fruit Chopping Frenzy, A Basketball Game, An Animated Film,, A Dance Party, An Asteroids Arcade Game with levels and scoring, A Table Tennis Game, A Pinball Game, and lots more!

Grades: 1-5
Dates: July 29 - August 2; August 5-9
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $519/week

Computer Programming with Python

Did you know that sites like YouTube®, Dropbox™, and Instagram™ are coded using Python? If you want to create your own app to share your vision and innovations with the world, it’s time to start learning Python™!

Python is one of the fastest growing programming languages in use today. It’s simple syntax makes it easier to read and learn than other programming languages, making it an ideal choice for beginner programmers.

At Camp, we teach how to code cool graphics, games, and programs! Campers benefit from clean syntax and other streamlined attributes within Python™ that provide a new approach to learning and understanding programming. With Python™, coders can often write code quicker, allowing them to produce project results in a shorter period of time.

In this camp, campers learn new programming concepts and abilities, develop logical thinking skills, and code impressive and entertaining projects!

Ok, this camp sounds awesome, but what can You Make at camp?

During the camp week you get to create at least one mini project and one main project.

Mini projects may include A Magic 8 Ball, A Comeback Generator, A Dice Game, or a Fortune Teller Game

Main Camp Projects may include a camper’s creatively generated Text Based Adventure Game, a Snake Game, or a Quiz Game!

Campers may have the opportunity to learn about how Python™ is used to develop programs containing Artificial Intelligence.

To maximize positive interaction and group collaboration, campers beta test each other’s projects during the week!

Grades: 4-8
Dates: July 29 - August 2
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $609

Computer Programming with Java

This computer programming camp immerses campers in Java™, the popular programming software used on billions of devices worldwide! Campers learn about the logic, syntax, and calculations that go into building Java™ programs, in addition to sharpening skills in planning, problem solving, and, of course… computer programming!

During the camp week Java campers get to create at least one mini project and one main project.

So, what are the NEW PROJECTS FOR 2019?

Mini projects may include A Coin Flipping Simulator, A Magic 8 Ball, Automatic Sentence Generator, a silly name generator, a pig latin translator, a pig dice game.

Main Camp Projects may include a tower defense, a tic tac toe game, a quiz game, superpong, a platformer game, a calculator, or a graphical choose your own adventure game!

By utilizing Eclipse as a Java™ IDE, campers learn how to print text onto the computer screen, use conditional statements and loops, and receive input from the user. These newly acquired skills allow campers to create a text based action adventure game and other projects. Campers can also express their creativity in making an ASCII art based game using the creation of custom methods. As campers progress, they take a step up and explore the world of Graphics in Java™, which provides wonderful added features to camper projects. By utilizing the AWT graphics library, campers code fully functional graphics into their applications and make impactful choices as the programmer and project designer!

Grades: 5-8
Dates: August 5-9
Time: 9am - 3:30pm
Fee: $609