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Germantown Academy Summer CampGermantown Academy Summer Camp

Welcome to Germantown Academy Virtual Camps!

Welcome to Germantown Academy Virtual Camps, your in-home way to explore your interests and passions, brush-up on your academics, or find a new way to keep active! Stay connected while learning something new, reinforcing skills, or engage in something you already love. We hope you will join us this summer!


Science! Technology! Engineering! Math! Explore all these topics and more including Things That Fly, Storybook STEM, and even Engineering with Marshmallows and Toothpicks. These hands-on programs engage campers in everything from Mechanical Engineering to Environmental Science.

Here are our STEM camps:
Environmental Science, Marshmallow and Toothpick, Layers of the Earth, Math Review Grades 1-4, Ocean Science, Powered Things That Go....and Why!, Science at Home!, Science with Scavenger Hunts, Simple Math Review, Storybook STEM, Things That Fly....and Why!, Things That Move....and Why!


Get on your feet and get ready to really move! Active campers and kinesthetic learners will love our Get Moving Options. From Driveway Basketball and Fitness Camps to Salsa and Espanoga (Yes! Spanish AND Yoga) campers are sure to keep moving and have some fun.

Here are our Get Moving Camps:
Choreography Class, Elementary School Fitness and Fun, Españoga, Fitness Fun!, Fun and Fit kids!, Latin Rhythms: Salsa + Bachata


Performance, Visual Arts, Music and More! Whether you're preparing to step center stage for your next audition or hoping to enhance your beatboxing skills, these out-of-the-box programs reveal talents, teach new skills, and allow campers to explore their creativity.

Here are our Creative Arts Camps:
A Week of Drawing - Senior, Beatboxing Beginners Workshop, Cooking with Carole, Detective Fun!, Embroidery Art, Gimp, Introduction to Guitar, Introduction to Ukelele, Instrumental Lessons, Nature Art, Origami Stories, Paper Mache, Pattern Drawings, Photography, Preparing Solo Performances, Spanish: Skits and Songs, String Bracelet and Keychain Making, Theater Dance


Put on your thinking caps and channel your inner scholar with our unique and engaging 1-week courses in Spanish, Math, Reading, Writing, and Grammar.  Build your in-classroom confidence at home!

Here are our Academic Camps:
Academic Reading, Academic Writing, Art and ELA (English Language Arts), Beginner Spanish, Beyond the Basics: Spanish, Exploring Fairytales, Language Skills - 3 Year Old, Phonics Review, Reading Review 1st-2nd Grade, Reading Review for 4-5 Year Olds,  Reading Review 3rd Grade, Story Time Fun!, Writing and Grammar                        

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Lavner Camps

Lavner Camps is offering over 35 Virtual Tech Camps this summer through Camp Tech Revolution Online. The Virtual Tech Camps include Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Java, Python, Game Design, Spy Tech, Graphic Design (Custom Converse/Vans Shoes Included), YouTube Video Production, Digital Fashion Design, and much more. Each camp features all live/online instruction in an interactive group setting. Instructor to camper ratios range from 1:4 to 1:8 depending upon the camp. Camps are available from June 1st to August 21st for ages 6-14. Campers can enroll for 1 week or multiple weeks. Camp Tech Revolution Online was recently featured on Good Morning America on May 16th and in The Wall Street Journal on May 19th!



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Germantown Academy Summer Camps is an auxiliary program of Germantown Academy, a PreK through 12th Grade coed, independent day school in Fort Washington, PA. Staff is on hand year-round to respond to questions about camp. We look forward to hearing from you!


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