Germantown Academy Summer CampGermantown Academy Summer Camp

Thank you for your interest in working at Germantown Academy Day Camp & Summer Programs!

How to Apply

Applicants for Counselor positions can fill out the Counselor Application.

Applicants for the positions listed below can send a résumé to summer@gacamp.org.

Activity Director Positions


The Science Activity Director for Day Camp is responsible for creating hands-on, interactive, and thought-provoking activities for children ages 6 through 12. Each week they will lead campers through inquiry-based lessons to illustrate how science affects the world around us.

Applicants should have experience planning and leading science demonstrations. Being able to create activities around each week's theme is essential when developing lesson plans. The director should show strong leadership throughout all day-to-day activities, regardless if it is camper or counselor directed. Scientific knowledge, enthusiasm, and organization are key components for this position.

Additional responsibilities include: car dismissal line, field trip supervision, special events, and more. Hours are 9am - 3:30pm.

Nature / Wilderness

The Nature/Wilderness Activity Director for Day Camp is responsible for planning and implementing engaging activities for campers ages 6 through 12.

The ideal candidate is capable of facilitating activities such as canoeing, fishing, wildlife discovery, archery, and first-aid. Safety practices and a knowledge of local wilderness should result in campers being able to identify different plants, insects, and wildlife.

Applicants should be able to plan lessons and activities that are in line with the week's theme and promote an appreciation for the environment around us. Leadership, safety, and enthusiasm are key components for this position.

Additional responsibilities include: car dismissal line, field trip supervision, special events, Extended Day, and more. Hours are 11:30am - 6pm.

Expression (Performing Arts)

The Expression Activity Director for Day Camp should have an understanding of performing arts and how to teach it to children ages 6 through 12. They are responsible for creating and maintaining the curriculum and set-up of the program.

The Expression Activity Director should be able to lead interactive activities through instructor demonstrations, games, and fun-filled skits and performances. They must be able to explain and demonstrate routines, crafts, and all creative means of expression, while also being open to camper and counselor suggestions. They are responsible for keeping the material and music appropriate for the campers' ages. Activities should reflect the theme of the week, whether that be through performances or lessons. Leadership, a creative background, and communication are key components for this position.

Additional responsibilities include: car dismissal line, field trip supervision, special events, Extended Day, and more. Hours are 7am - 1:30pm.

Yoga / Mindfulness

The Yoga Activity Director for Day Camp should have the necessary background and experience needed to run a class for campers ages 9 through 12. They are responsible for teaching basic yoga poses and promoting a calming, safe area for the campers.

A focus on meditation and mindfulness is expected. They must utilize instructor-based demonstrations and interactive activities to lead children through the fundamentals of yoga and mindfulness in a stress-free space. The ideal candidate is familiar with yoga and instructing young children.

Additional responsibilities include: car dismissal line, field trip supervision, special events, and more. Hours are 9am - 3:30pm.


All employees must complete the following clearances and paperwork within two weeks from the date you receive your contract. Forms will be provided upon hiring.

Child Abuse Clearance FormXX
Consent/Release of Information FormXX
Criminal Record CheckXX
Arrest/Conviction Report and CertificationXX
Fingerprinting ApplicationXX
School Personnel Health RecordXX
Emergency Contact InformationXX
Worker's Compensation AcknowledgementX
Residency Certification FormXX
Working Papers (18 years and under)X
Van Release (21 and older)X


All employees must complete a training session through Expert Online Training prior to the first day of camp. The link will be provided upon hiring.

Orientation Dates

All employees must attend the orientation date for their program.

June 16 – Day Camp Staff and Directors

June 7 – All Others

May 5 and 6 – Certification Training for Ropes Staff

Hiring and Staffing FAQs

How do you choose who to hire?
We reach out first to returning employees who had great evaluations from the previous summer and then to our highly rated CITs. From there we begin to hire new staff from their applications and the job fairs. Hiring does depend on your availability as well!

When do I find out if I got the job?
We usually finalize contracts by GA's Spring Break, but we will be in touch throughout the process.

Do I have to work all summer?
Yes and No. We vastly prefer to keep counselors for the entire summer. This year we will require our main counselors to work a minimum of 6 weeks.

What if I can't work 6 weeks?
You can still apply, but may be hired as a sub or floater, meaning that we may not know exactly how many weeks or days that we will need you.

What if my Mom or Dad has questions?
Working at Summer Camp is a huge responsibility and the process of getting all of your paperwork completed will often require some help from your families. As the applicant or employee, the Summer Programs office will only discuss your employment directly with you. However, if your families have questions about the process or employment in general we are happy to speak with them directly.

What will I be paid?
Counselors are paid based on their year in school. If you return from summer to summer, you will see your pay increase each time. Our starting rate for our youngest and least experienced counselors is $8.00 per hour.

Can I pick my troop/activity placement or who I am partnered with?
We will take your concerns and suggestions into account when assigning you a placement but the final decision will be made by the Day Camp Director.

What if I want to work in multiple camps?
We do have some staff who will work in multiple camps but it is very rare. Again, we want our Day Camp staff to complete a minimum of 6 weeks with Day Camp.

Can I work Extended Day?
Yes, but you must apply separately for this position. If you are already working a full day your hours at Extended Day may be restricted due to Labor Laws. You may volunteer at Extended Day as well.

Do I have to attend Orientation?
Yes, Orientation is mandatory. If you do not attend you may forfeit your position.

What kind of Training must I complete?
You will be required to complete online training in addition to your orientation. This will include Mandated Reporting, CPR, first aid, and working with children and youth. There is additional training for skilled positions such as Ropes and Challenge. All training hours are paid. Again, if you do not complete your training you may forfeit your position.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Germantown Academy believes that equal opportunity in all aspects of employment supports the mission of the school and the successful attainment of our strategic objectives. It is the policy of Germantown Academy to provide equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, ethnicity, creed, color, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status, and to seek candidates who will further diversify our community. GA will take positive action to ensure fulfillment of this policy in all areas, including hiring, placement, promotion or transfer, recruitment, employment ads, salary and other compensation, and selection for training and development opportunities.