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Health Office

Health Services Hours are from 7:45am - 3:45pm

The school nurse is available to treat students who become injured or suddenly ill. If the nurse is not in the office, contact can be made via the Operator/Receptionist who can always reach the nurse with the Walkie Talkie. The Health Services department can be contacted by

Emergency First Aid

The school nurse may administer first aid for injuries acquired on school grounds. A parent or person designated on the health form will be contacted to pick up the student when an injury requires further medical attention. In rare instances, an ambulance may be summoned if deemed necessary by the nurse. Every attempt will be made to contact a parent, guardian or emergency back-up person prior to ambulance transportation. A parental release for emergency transport is on each student’s Student Information form. All student health forms require that parents / guardians complete the space for health insurance information (carrier name and ID number) in case a situation requires referral to a hospital.

Sudden Illness

A parent will be contacted to pick up a student when there is persistent nausea or vomiting, elevated temperature (above 100), or a suspected communicable disease. The nurse (ext. 225) should be contacted directly about any communicable disease (e.g. chicken pox, pediculosis [lice], conjunctivitis [pinkeye]), or non-communicable disease a student contracts which may affect the school community. Additionally, it is highly recommended that a student who has had a fever be kept out of school until a normal temperature has been maintained for 24 hours.

Prior to a student returning to school after treatment for pneumonia, hepatitis, mononucleosis, or any hospitalization, the parent should inform the school nurse of the specific illness and provide a doctor’s note to the school nurse on the first morning returning to school.

Important Health Forms

The following information is mandatory for students to submit before school begins each September. The links are in red at the top of each column. Please download the correct form, fill it out and return it via email to or drop off at the main desk in the Korman Family Pavilion with ATTN: Health Office. Thanks in advance for your assistance!

Student InformationPhysicalDentalMedication Authorization
PreKYAs Necessary

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2YAs Necessary

3YYAs Necessary

4YAs Necessary

5YAs Necessary

6YYAs Necessary

7YYYAs Necessary

8YYAs Necessary

9YYAs Necessary

10YYAs Necessary

11YYAs Necessary

12YYAs Necessary

New StudentsYYYAs Necessary

Important Health Forms


Meet the Staff

The Health Services Offices is managed by Lori Dougherty Andress ’88, RN, ATC. Lori earned her Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University and her nursing degree from the Dixon School of Nursing at Abington Memorial Hospital. She is a certified athletic trainer and registered nurse. She has been a member of the GA community for many years, dating back to her time as a student when she graduated from GA in 1988. From 1996-2001, Lori served as the school’s full-time athletic trainer, and was then the part-time trainer until 2004. Before returning to GA as the school’s lead nurse in September 2008, Lori spent three years as a nurse on Abington Hospital’s neurological floor.

Lori leads a staff of three part-time nurses and a volunteer Medical Director (Dr. Ken Gelman).

Health Assessments

Every year, state mandated health screening assessments are conducted in the following areas: Hearing Screening (grades K,1,2,3,7 and 11), Vision Screening (grades K-12), Heights and Weights (grades K-12) and Scoliosis Screening (Grades 6 and 7).

A Health History Form for each student is required every year. The state mandates that new students entering the school have a physical and dental check up. All students must have a physical and all seventh grade students must have a dental check up. If parents have questions regarding their child’s participation in these assessments, they should contact the school nurse. Forms will be updated and online in May of each school year.