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Many of Germantown Academy's Auxiliary Programs use the ACTIVE Network for registration and payment. It's a robust system that helps us keep track of participation and finances for a wide variety of engaging programs and events.

Returning users often find it easier to login to their account before adding programming. New users can follow the instructions below to create an account and register a credit card on the ACTIVE Network. Any questions can be directed to the GA Auxiliary Programs Office (267-405-7520).

Returning Users

Login to your ACTIVE account before adding programming.

New Users

  1. Visit GA's Page on the ACTIVE Network
  2. Use the 'View' buttons to select the 'Season' for which you want to register or add programming
  3. Use the 'Add' buttons to select the 'Sessions' for which you want to register
    Tip: Some programs have Filters you can use to refine the Session List
  4. Once one or more sessions are added to your cart, use the Quantity selector to indicate how many participants you are registering, then click Continue
  5. Enter Email Address, Student Information, and Parent Information
    Tip: If registering your child for programming, when you are asked "Who are you registering?", enter your child's name as the Participant. Your Parent Information will be entered later in the Registration section. If you are registering yourself for an event, use your own information.
  6. Confirm Waiver and Electronic Signature
  7. Enter Coupon Code if applicable
  8. Choose Payment Option
  9. Enter Credit Card Information
  10. Enter Password to create ACTIVE account
  11. Complete the transaction

Tip for SPARK Registration
Daily SPARK is programmed week-by-week. Add a weekly session to the cart, and use the checkboxes during registration to customize your child’s schedule for that week.