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Where in the World is Sandy Bennett 1760?

Sandy Bennett 1760 is still the same fireball as when she started working at GA. Having spent more than three decades molding young minds in the Lower School, Bennett keeps her days busy by living near campus and maintaining her personal GA connections.

"I can remember when I was hired in October of 1972. The first grade was short a teacher and I applied. I arrived with blond hair, makeup, and high heels. During my interview I was asked about the care of my young children. I said, 'Would you ask that of a man?' and left. Needless to say, I got the job, said I would stay for one year, and stayed for 35!

I am old school, and I love traditions. My favorite was always the opening of school Flag Raising. This ceremony has it all - flags, students, bells, faculty, parents. My favorite students taught me patience. While I always believed in respect and kindness, patience is so important with young children. I do not know what career I would have chosen if not teaching. I did not have many choices... it was become a teacher or a secretary. I always thought I would have been a great lawyer.

I am quite friendly with many alumni and see them often (before the pandemic). I also look forward to a return to normal so we can resume our GARTERs (Germantown Academy Retired Teachers Enjoying Retirement) lunches.

For many years after I left GA in 2007, I was a caregiver for my husband. Actually, that was the reason I had to leave GA. He passed away in 2018 and, just as I was returning to normal, the pandemic hit. I have stayed very close to home, but all that changed when GA invited retirees to get the Covid vaccine. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Rich Schellhas, Lori Andress, and the entire GA community for truly caring about us. When I asked Lori why GA did this, she said, 'Thank you for your service.'"