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Upper School Art Students Create Women Across the Ages

Inspired in part by a trip to the Pennsylvania Academy the Fine Arts last April, then juniors in Visual Arts Chair David Love's class were instructed to find a moment in a painting from their collection to do studies from, which then transformed into large, five foot tall figure drawings.

"As the project developed, a beautiful juxtapositions of women across the ages began to emerge, which developed into the major theme," Love said. "Some students expanded from their original drawings into an incorporation of women from different races, cultures, backgrounds and ages. In the end, I think the installation is stunning and there’s some really wonderful work within."

From L to R: Katja Wetzel '23, Emily Spillane '23, Elizabeth Smith '23, Drew Schwartz '23, Claire Mateo '23, Ella DeCardona '23, Kylie Orenstein '23, Elizabeth Burke '23, Aisosa Idahosa '23