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Twelve Students Earn Medals at Montco Oral Proficiency Contest

On Tuesday, February 26, 2019, fourteen GA students, chosen by the Modern Language Department to represent GA, participated in the Montgomery County Oral Proficiency Contest, sponsored by the Montgomery County Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages at Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. These included: Chinese students Marin H. ’23, Level 1, Jack Brookman ’22, Level 2, Daelyn Nwaobasi ’21, Level 3, Andrew Freas ’19, Advanced Chinese, French students Grace Good ’22 Level 01, Melinda A. ’23 Level 1, Jack Galloway ’22 Level 2, Jake Grim ’21, Level 3, Priya Padhye ’19, Advanced French, and Spanish students Henry Westcott ’22 Level 01, Anish S. ’23 Level 1, Blythe Berlinger ’22, Level 2, Justin Weiss ’21, Level 3, and Vinit Joshi ’19, Advanced Spanish. 

After a round of individual interviews in the target language with the judges, two finalists were chosen in each language at each level. These finalists were then again interviewed before an audience of teachers, parents and students. Germantown Academy is proud to announce that the following students were finalists in this challenging competition. GA competed against 15 schools and won 12 gold and silver medals out of a possible 15. The best we have ever done!

Marin H. ’23, silver medal, Level 1 Chinese
Jack Brookman ’22, gold medal, Level 2 Chinese
Andrew Freas ’19, gold medal, Advanced Chinese
Grace Good ’22, gold medal, Level 01 French
Melinda A. ’23, gold medal, Level 1 French
Jack Galloway ’22, silver medal, Level 2 French
Jake Grim ’21, gold medal, Level 3 French
Priya Padhye ’19, gold medal, Advanced French
Anish S. ’23, gold medal, Level 1 Spanish
Blythe Berlinger ’22, silver medal, Level 2 Spanish
Justin Weiss ‘21, gold medal, Level 3 Spanish
Vinit Joshi ’19, gold medal, Advanced Spanish

Spanish language winners

Chinese language winners

French language winners


Our Advanced gold medalists had a few words to say about their participation in the competition:

No se siente como una competencia, más bien una buena oportunidad para charlar con un extrañjerosimpático.    ---Vinit Joshi '19

La compétition orale m’a donné une bonne occasion pour montrer ma connaissance d’une langue.  Elle m’a permis de rencontrer les autres gens qui parlent français et me faire une idée de nombreuses communautés qui sont associées au français. Chaque année que j’y ai participée, j’ai rencontré les personnes intéressantes et je me suis bien amusée.    ---Priya Padhye '19

我跟裁判有个非常愉快的谈话。 我不知道别的学生的表现, 可是我觉得我的表现特别好。 ---Andrew Freas '19

Congratulations Patriots!