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Third Grade Science Learns About Flight at Wings Airfield

Germantown Academy third graders took a trip to Wings Airfield to experience the concepts of flight that they had been learning about in class in a real-world setting. During the trip, students were able to see firsthand how the different forces of flight work together to make airplanes and helicopters fly.

"The students enjoyed watching the planes take off and land, and they were amazed by the power and speed of the airplanes," Lower School Science Teacher Troy Holiday said. "They were able to see how the pilots used the different forces of flight to control the planes and keep them in the air."

One of the highlights of the trip was when the class learned about Amelia Earhart, and how she had stopped at the airfield before embarking on her historic journey across the Atlantic Ocean. Another highlight of the trip, according to Holiday, was the tour of the MediVac helicopter.

"The students were able to see how the helicopter used lift and thrust to take off and fly," Holiday said. "They also learned about the important role that helicopters play in emergency medical services."