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Student Teaching Art Exhibit

Ms. Karina Slapinsky’s student teaching exhibit was on display at the Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Slapinsky, a Temple University Art Education student, has been performing her student placement at GA since early September. As the semester and her student placement come to an end, this exhibit represents the completion of Slapinsky’s student teaching course and acts as a culmination of her art education experience here at GA.

The Art of Student Teaching exhibit displays a wide range of works, some of which Slapinsky had developed herself, and others which she helped to guide students through studio sessions and lessons. “These lessons can be a collaboration between the host teacher and the student teacher, but are primarily taught by the student teacher," Slapinsky explained. "The lessons showcased are taught over the course of the semester.”

The projects within the exhibit showcase the diverse range of work students create here at GA; from formal portraits focusing on color theory, to more abstract projects focusing on mark making, and finally to introspective collages that explore student’s ideas and thoughts on the world condition.

This year, GA was among six schools that were showcased in this exhibition ranging from K-12th Grade classrooms. Germantown Academy’s Foundations Painting and Drawing 1 and 2 classes were showcased, along with its Honors Painting and Drawing classes. (Participating students are listed at the bottom of the page.)

GA Visual Arts Chair and Student Teaching Host David Love stated, “The student teaching experience can be super challenging and it's really complicated as it requires a melding of the teacher’s established curricular goals and the exciting new ideas of the student teacher. But as is displayed in the exhibit, I think Karina did a really wonderful job.”

A big congratulations to Karina and all of the GA students who worked tirelessly in putting this exhibit together. All participating students are listed below.


Participating students:

9th Grade

Jack Baron

Connor Bradley

Jack Breme

Zoey Clark

Cece Fikioris

James Gaito

Rowen Harbert

Edie Leon

Jake McVeigh

Elsa Simonetti

Stavi Sterious

Greg Thomas

Nicole Ward

Julius Williams


Lucas Albert

Jake Bulicki

Liam Connolly

Max Davis

Alexis Farnsworth

Bridget Flannery

Yobosa Idahosa

Stas Kraynak

Keira  MacRea

Michaila Matthews

Sean McGettigan

Nina Sager

Emmy Sopka

Andreas Szautner


10th Grade

Hannah Greenfield

Cole Grim

Emily Hamill

Alex Katzer

Katie Martin

Avery Nissman

Nish Rai

Anita Sinker

Katherine Song


11th Grade 

Maisy Betancourt

Emma Engle

Gianna Grosso

Caitlin Lozano

Lauren Perry

Abby Swanson

Grace Taylor


 12th Grade 

Elizabeth Burke

Ella DeCardona

Aisosa Idahosa

Amelia Massetti

Claire Mateo

Kylie Orenstein

Drew Schwartz

Ellie Smith

Emily Spillane

Katja Wetzel