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Simran K. '28 Raises Funds for School in South Africa

Fourth grader Simran K. ’28 has a big heart. When she heard about a school being built in South Africa that needed funding, she not only felt compassionate, she was moved into action!

Last year in 3rd Grade, the students took part in the Africa unit. As luck would have it, Simran’s aunt works with a charity called Love To Langa.  They are currently building a new Montessori school in South Africa so that underprivileged children would receive an innovative education and a sense of empowerment.  Simran, once hearing the story, felt that she herself could help the school.  Says Simran, “It inspired me to help those kids and let them get an education so they can become whatever they dream to be.” Simran loves making bracelets and key chains, so it was the perfect fit to make and sell them, and donate all of the money to the Love 2 Langa school.

Simran decided to call her charity “Links2Langa” and she made and sold 300 bracelets for $5 each.  Here she describes her journey to help Love 2 Longa.

The Love To Langa organization was so grateful that they asked Simran to attend one of their local events where she gave her donation.

Third grade teacher Marnie McDonald had the opportunity this summer to go to South Africa on a professional development Kast Grant from GA to develop connections for the 3rd Grade. While there, she was able to visit the school site and meet some of the teachers.

“I was able to hand-deliver one of Simran’s keychains to them. They love Simran so much and are so grateful to her!”