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Nine Students Place at County-Wide Oral Proficiency Contest

Hola, Bonjour, Nǐ hǎo! Exciting news from the James J. Doyle Oral Proficiency Contest sponsored by the Montgomery County Association of Teachers of Foreign Languages. This event offers students the opportunity to demonstrate their interpersonal speaking skills in Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, or German. World language professionals conduct individual interviews with students to evaluate their performance after having competed in an in-house interview process within GA.

Congratulations to our first and second place Middle School students - Imani L.  ’28 – Silver/Chinese; Jessica M. ’28 – Gold/French, and Logan S.  ’28 – Gold/Spanish! Congrats also go to the following Upper School students - Ashley Wang ’26 – Silver/Spanish 3, Celina Bagchi '24 - Silver/Spanish 5, Joshua Wangia '25 – Silver/Chinese 2, Jacob Julin '25 – Gold/Chinese 3, Nathan George '26 – Gold/Chinese 4, and Aidan Gor '25 – Gold/Chinese Advanced.

While Lower School offers Spanish and Chinese classes that focus on root words and culture, GA begins formal language classes in 6th Grade and most students continue the same language throughout Upper School. Nosotros estamos orgullosos de ti! Nous sommes fiers de vous! Wǒmen wèi nǐ zìháo! We are proud of you!