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Middle School Students Make Media Using TouchCast

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Germantown Academy has built a full curriculum around drama and public speaking in Middle School.

"In Public Speaking 7, I try to find innovative and different ways for the kids to increase their confidence speaking in front of a group while also putting the necessary skills to be a successful speaker to work," reports Joanna Rominger, Middle School drama teacher.

There is a new green screen in the Middle School, where kids took advantage of expanding on their current event unit by creating an original news broadcast/program based on what is happening on campus, in the USA and all over the world. Students worked in groups of six or seven, and were assigned to be either the news anchor or reporter. After picking their topics, and articles to focus on, they worked to create an original script inspired by news programs that are currently on TV. Using the iPad app, TouchCast, they were able to put their script to work to record and edit their news program. Students had an amazing time from start to finish, and the end results were fantastic.

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"This was a learning experience for both the students, and myself," said Rominger. "I am looking forward to doing the project again last this spring with my second semester students. It was a great way for the kids to put what we learn in class to work in a team atmosphere, while allowing them to explore a new area of technology at the same time."

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