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Middle School Science Researchers Stand Out at Montco Fair

At the 2017 Montgomery County Science Research Competition, held at Ursinus College, Germantown Academy Middle School science researchers stood out amongst the crowd as four students qualified for the Delaware Valley Science Research Fair, eight students placed, and nine special prizes were won. Great job, Class of 2021!

Grade Name Category Title Place Special Award
8th Maeve D. Biochemistry Turning cellulose into glucose with the power of enzymes 4th Place Biochemistry Award
8th Robert D. Engineering Creating an additional source of electrical power to extend the battery range of an electric car Engineering Award
8th Kevin C. Chemistry Lotus Clean 4th Place Chemistry Award
8th Maya H. Environmental Science Water filtration and water purity Earth Science Award
8th Daelyn N. Earth and Space Science The effect of payload location on the flight of a rocket 4th Place Earth & Space Award
8th Kolby P. Consumer Science How knots and line brand affect fishing line strength Consumer Science Award
8th Marcus S. Physics Frisbee disc brand and mass affecting flight Engineering 1st Place
8th Emily W. Engineering A new sense of touch: pressure sensitive, color changing liquid crystals 2nd Place; qualified for Delaware Valley Science Fair Young Scientist Award (Laptop) - Stangl Family; Engineering Award
8th Justin W. Environmental Science Effects of obstruction items on different opacities on the energy production of a polycrystalline solar panel 2nd Place: qualified for Delaware Valley Science Fair
8th Amelie B. Medicine & Health The impact of running: testing which inclines will put the least amount of impact on shin splints 1st Place;
qualified for Delaware Valley Science Fair
8th Helen W. Medicine & Health Hotel Horrors 2nd Place; qualified for Delaware Valley Science Fair
8th Sarah F. Medicine & Health Residual protein on school tables as an indicator of cleaning effectiveness 4th Place


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