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Middle School Celebrated the Class of 2027

The Class of 2027 was celebrated for the last time as Middle School students in Connor Quad. Speeches of the day were inspiring, and lessons in themselves for the 98 members of the class. Science Department Head and Teacher Cory Eklund spoke of many things, which included references to the platypus, Australia, being a mammal, and ancestral lands—just to name a few. But overall he said it is all about perspective. “I hope that as you learn, grow, and explore,” said Eklund, “you are open to viewing the world from different angles and will not be afraid to change your perspectives.”  

As the soon-to-be 9th Grade students begin the walk to Upper School, they can even gleam some advice from their fellow students. “I’m grateful for so many things in life, I don’t have the time to name them all,” said Emerson C. ‘27, and speaker Andrew H. ‘27 showed that there is even an inspiring message from embracing failure. “I ask you to join me in having the fortitude to fail, knowing that you tried, and have no regrets in doing so. I ask everyone here to be one step closer to success.”

Thank you to everyone who made the 8th Grade Final Assembly a great success! Awards were given to the following 8th grade students:

Cole J. (Drama)

Brooklyn D. (Concert Band)

Thatcher B. (Chorus)

Lauren K. (String Ensemble)

Alyssa W. (Art)

Sienna P. (English)

Stella M. (History)

Brooklyn D. (Science)

Jack S. (Math)

Katie C. (Latin)

Ariana D. (French)

Dareus C. (Chinese)

Dahlia K. (Spanish)

Charlie W. (P.E.)

Abhay K. (8th grade faculty award)

Olivia C.r (8th grade faculty award)

Andrew H. (Edward R. Kast Prize)

Cece D. (Francey Garvan Award)

Mallea K. (Owen J. Roberts Memorial Prize)

Andrew C. (Owen J. Roberts Memorial Prize)

Be sure to check out photos from the day on our smugmug page HERE.

In addition to the 8th Grade celebration, awards were presented to the following 6th and 7th graders during the full Middle School Final Assembly:

6th Grade:

Alexandra F. (6th grade faculty award)

Quinn J. (Class of 1891 Kershaw Medal)

David E. (Class of 1891 Kershaw Medal)

William B. (The Rulon E. Wetherill Award)

Keira P. (The Geraldine T. Shipley Award)

7th Grade:

Carmella C. (7th grade faculty award)

Amya A. (Class of 1891 Kershaw Medal)

Nash S. (Class of 1891 Kershaw Medal)

Nick L. (The Eileen M. Wallace 1760 Prize)