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"I feel incredibly grateful for all that Ms. Graffam taught me."

"As a math and science kid, I never really pushed myself to improve my reading or writing skills, which is why I'm so fortunate to have had Robynne Graffam '86 in my corner during high school. Throughout my time as a Writing Center advisor and student in her Outsiders AP English class, Mrs. Graffam wouldn't let me take the easy route, consistently challenging me to raise the bar higher and higher for myself. She read at least 7 drafts of my college essay, spending countless free periods and lunches reviewing it with me, which made it all the more special that I was in the Writing Center next to her office when I learned of my college acceptance. As I settled into college courses, I quickly realized just how much my comprehension, synthesis, and communication skills had grown as a result of Mrs. Graffam's tough love, and how great of an advantage they were for someone studying engineering; that skillset has been instrumental in allowing me to take on roles that would have otherwise seemed improbable. I feel incredibly grateful for all that Ms. Graffam taught me, most importantly that I am so much more than just a math and science kid."

- Emily Hyman '10