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Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach David Crowell Talks Parenting and Sports
Sunday, October 21, 2018, 3-5pm

Tickets $5 | Purchase online or pay at the door

Germantown Academy's Honickman Auditorium
340 Morris Road, Fort Washington, PA 19034

David Crowell Press Release and Résumé

Dave Crowell is one of the most prolific and accomplished high school wrestling coaches actively coaching in the United States. The Germantown Academy Wrestling Family is proud to invite all parents of athletes to join Coach Crowell at Germantown Academy in the Honickman Auditorium on Sunday, October 21st at 3pm for a conversation about parenting within the sport of wrestling and all youth sports in general.

The number of opportunities available within the sport of wrestling are at an all-time high (clubs, tournaments, camps, clinics, etc.). But, determining which of these pathways will benefit your child the most is not so easy to figure out.

Questions like these will be considered during Coach Crowell's talk:

  • How many matches should a child have in a season?
  • How critical is it to have the best partners?
  • How long should workouts be in order to get the most out of them?
  • How important are private lessons?
  • Should my young wrestler participate in more than one sport?
  • What should I do in order to support my son/daughter within the sport? What exactly, is my role as a parent?
  • What is the most important character trait for a wrestler to develop?

While Coach Crowell has churned out champion wrestlers on the mats for well over three decades, anyone who knows him will tell you that he is even more accomplished when it comes to helping young people become champions in life. Character, values and a strong moral compass are at the center of Coach Crowell's teachings. It is from this vantage point that Coach Crowell will share his wisdom on parenting within the sport.

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