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Galloway House Wins 2017 House Olympics!

Galloway House, led by Prefects Alejandro Gonzalez '17 and Katie Weiss '17 and House Head Reed Skoug, put on a show at the 2017 House Olympics to win the Schoolhouse Trophy with 161 total points.

"The Griffin win was the culmination of a group effort led by our two dedicated senior prefects, two enthusiastic incoming prefects, our stellar advisors and the heart and soul of the student participants!" said Galloway House Head Reed Skoug.

"Our victory today was well deserved," added Galloway House advisor Jeff Preston. "Former Gallowegian Peter McVeigh was looking down on us smiling and his memory drove the Galloway House to victory. Most of all, our esteemed House Head, Reed Skoug, deserves all of the credit and accolades for today's victory. She is the head champion of champions."

Roberts House put out a noble effort and finished second with 141.5 points followed by Osbourn House (127 points).

Throughout the Olympics, the Upper School’s seven Houses competed in a number of fun, zany, and competitive games during the three-hour event in GA’s Outdoor Athletic Complex, including: bladder ball, ultimate frisbee, speedball, capture the chicken, round-the-world tennis, soccer tennis, chicken baseball, a 2D art contest, a 3D art contest, a scavenger hunt, a sudoku contest, a crossword puzzle contest, a jigsaw contest, a name that tune contest, a dizzy bat race, a sack race, a piggy back race, a water balloon toss, the much anticipated pie eating contest, the shoe game, tug-of-war and the house relay race.

With the idea of community in mind, GA students are placed in one of seven Houses where they stay until graduation. The House system increases the amount of individual attention for each student and offers more opportunities for student leadership. It gives students a feeling of belonging to something a little smaller, and perhaps more intimate, than their grade or the entire Upper School can give them.

Houses meet three times every two weeks. Gathering spaces designated by a House, but not limited to House members, fill the Upper School and promote the student unity that typifies the GA community. There are special House activities throughout the year as well as mentoring, tutoring, and opportunities for student leadership. Competitions such as House Olympics, Sled Races, the Knowledge Bowl, the Team Handball tournament, and Design Thinking contests have quickly become long-standing traditions within the Upper School.

The winner of the cumulative House Cup will be announced on Prize Day!

2017 House Olympic Results

  • First Place: Galloway House -161 points
  • Second Place: Roberts House - 141.5 points
  • Third Place: Osbourn House - 127 points
  • Fourth Place: Alcott Day House - 111 points
  • Fifth Place: Washington House - 107 points
  • Sixth Place: Kershaw House - 101 points
  • Seventh Place: Truesdell House - 71.5 points
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