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GA Students Stand Out at Montco Science Research Competition

On March 27, Germantown Academy Upper School Science Research students competed in the virtual Montgomery County Science Research Competition (MCSRC), directed by Upper School Science Teacher Philip Rittenhouse 1760. In total, 24 GA students earned first, second, or third place awards, and, in the process, qualified for the virtual Delaware Valley Science Fair (DVSF). 

GA students won $1,675 worth of prize money and additional gifts of swag from professional organizations and private companies. 

"Please congratulate all of the science research students, as they spent the school year diligently designing their projects, collecting data, and preparing a new PowerPoint presentation for and accompanying video file for the virtual MCSRC competition," said Director of Science Research Sarah Kesten. "Congrats, everyone!"



Qualify for DVSF

Special Award



Sarah-Grace Coren '24

1st Place Yes MCSTA HS Behavior and Sciences Award


The amount of Covid-19 Cases affecting anxiety in adolescents 

Brianna Geist '24



Testing the Collected Bacteria on Different Fabrics of Masks

Adah Kaplan '24

2nd Place Yes GlaxoSmith Kline Integrated Biological Platform Sciences Department High School Medicine and Health Award.


Do Higher Violin Hand Positions Lead to Overuse Injuries?

Luke Philip '24

2nd lace Yes Exelon Corporation High School Engineering 2nd Place Award


Charging a smartphone through exercise

Meredith Rizzi '24



The Effects of Microplastics on Mussels

Andrei Vava '24

1st Place Yes University of the Sciences Physics Award


Temporal Visualization of Cough Auras

Raina Bandekar '23

1st Place Yes Rita C. Mesthos HS Behavioral and Social Science Award 


Effectiveness of blue light blocking glasses on sleep

Kayla D'Eletto '23

1st Place Yes Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research Veterinary Medicine Award 


Does Coenzyme Q help or worsen Mitochondrial disease?

Adhi Gadre '23

2nd Place Yes  


Identifying what improves survival rates for drug overdoses

Joseph Richards '23

1st Place Yes Air Force Physics Award


Using Metals and Metalloids to Scatter Ioninizing Radiation

Sarah Beth Sandifer '23

1st Place Yes MCSTA High School Botany Award


The Effect of Vegetation on Heavy-Metal Phytoremediation

Samuel Wang '23


Computer Science

Contact Tracing with Bluetooth Technology & Machine Learning

Spencer Westover '23

1st Place Yes  


Impact of Soil Acidification on Plants Growth

Atharv Awasthi '22

1st Place Yes  


Using the Riemann Zeta Function to Explain the Ramanujan Sum

Hassan Ayub '22

2nd Place Yes  


The Viability of Potatoes and Rice as Biofuel Alternatives

Alexa Baer '22

2nd Place Yes  


Is Seed Sharing Sufficient?

Blythe Berlinger '22

3rd Place Yes  


Detecting water contaminants with bioluminescent V. fischeri

Sangeetha Bhuyan '22

1st Place Yes  


Inhibiting Spotted Lanternfly Reproduction

Jacob French '22

2nd Place Yes  


Using Enzymes to Create Synthetic Honey

Riya Palkar '22

2nd Place Yes  


The Effect of Face Masks on Acne

Brandon Wang '22

3rd Place Yes  


The Effects on Mushroom Growth Using Different Substrates

Jason Wang '22

1st Place Yes Merck Science Project Achievement High School Award.

Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research Human Medicine Award.


Brain Inflammation Induced by Chronic Sleep Deprivation

Chelsea Bright '21

1st Place Yes  


Effect of Fabrics on the Transmission of Water Through Masks

Kevin Cui '21

2nd Place Yes George Purvis Award for highest cumulative point total.

Senior Perseverance Award for 6 years of competition

Computer Science

Identifying Important Genes in Bat-Transmitted Viruses

Sarah Rojas '21

1st Place Yes Senior Perseverance Award for 3 years of competition


Inducing dysbiosis in Crickets with L. acidophilus 

Emily Wang '21

1st Place Yes Valley Forge Chapter of PA Society of Professional Engineers High School Engineering Award.

William Ritter Award for second highest cumulative point total.

Senior Perseverance Award for 4 years of competition. 


Defense Against COVID-19: Effective, Breathable Masks

Eileen Zhang '21

1st Place Yes Steve and Mary Beth Young HS Medicine and Health Award 


Using Lumbriculus variegatus to Determine Effects of JUULs