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GA-PC Artists Collaborate to Create a "Peace Tunnel" on GA-PC Day

By Brynne DiDonato '19

This GA-PC Day, the Art Across the Academy program is teaming up with Penn Charter to create a collaborative and symbolic art installation. In previous years, student art was featured in a collaborative gallery; this tradition has now evolved into an interactive piece right in the center of the action. This joint project comes in the form of a "Peace Tunnel" which will stand in between the centrally located playing fields. The tunnel is formed by numerous ribbons; on each ribbon a student has written a message relating to gratitude, peace, and community. During Saturday's GA-PC Day festivities, alumni, families, and friends will be able to interact with the exhibit by adding their own messages to the tunnel.

Lower School Art Coordinator and project leader Jessica Killo said that one of her favorite aspects of the installation was that "it involves more than just the students, it involves faculty and other community members." Killo is co-leading the project alongside Upper School Art Teacher Sara Krupnick-Ritz and faculty from Penn Charter.

As spectators, students, and teams alike walk through this tunnel to the fields, they will be reminded of the ideals that allow our friendly rivalry to be so successful year after year. In the words of Killo, in this time of intense rivalry it is important to remember that "it's not always about competition." She believes that this Peace Tunnel will remind players to "see [the] connections and [the] humanity" between our schools and celebrate this friendly competition. This art piece will provide "a nice balance" to the rivalry of the day. Killo "really hopes that this becomes our new tradition" on GA-PC Day. GA will have the opportunity to house next year's collaborative art project when we host the 132nd GA-PC Day. Please stop by the Peace Tunnel this Saturday to experience the reflections of others and add your own message!