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Fifth Grade Inventions Convention

Germantown Academy's fifth grade has been learning about simple machines.

Lower School science teacher Craig Newberger 1760 had the Class of 2024 participate in an Inventions Convention where students designed their own machines that combined two or more simple machines and solved a problem. Some of the inventions included a dog feeder that a dog could use when the owners are out, an easier way to wash the dishes, a music page turner, a movable walkway for handicapped people, and a self-tying shoe (complete with a motor).

"Each class is so creative," stated Newberger. "This fifth grade seemed to truly enjoy turning an idea into a prototype for a machine that could make a difference in their lives."


by Rachel K. and Emma M

The Problem - If you're sick and you can't get up and you want eggs? There's a way, if you have the "Egg Scrambler 3000."

How it works - There's a pully on the spatula that you pull from the bottom and the spatula goes back and forth and scrambles the eggs. For the whisk, there are two machines - one of them is a ramp, and a pully. You have the whisk and you pull the string and the whisk goes in circles which wisks the eggs.

Problem it solves - Makes eggs for you when you rest. When it is done you are ready to eat your eggs with no mess at all.

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