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Early Cum Laude Inductees Announced

Germantown Academy Head of School Rich Schellhas announced the early inductees of GA's Chapter of the Cum Laude Society at Morning Meeting on Friday, September 15. Early inductees from the Class of 2018 include Anjalee Bhuyan '18, Tyler Dolan '18, Miles Hanamirian '18, Anna Hennessy '18, Sophie Kallenbach '18, Caroline Kessell '18, Max Korman '18, David Li '18, Andrew Luo '18, Nicole Marion '18, Hannah Santos '18, Rachael Villari '18, and Isaac Wilkins '18.

For nearly a century now, GA has been a member of the Cum Laude Society, whose tenets of excellence, justice and honor form the basis of the highest cumulative academic award bestowed at GA. In total, GA is permitted to admit up to 20 percent of each graduating class into the hallowed ranks of Cum Laude. Following the junior year, GA admits 10 percent of the class, and then in June the faculty admits another 10 percent based on their performance through senior year.

"Cum Laude is the most significant academic honor at Germantown Academy," said Mr. Schellhas, who also serves as the President of GA's Cum Laude. "The high school version of Phi Beta Kappa, its ranks are filled with some of the most successful and intellectually adventurous people in the Upper School. GA is incredibly proud of the following first round inductees from the Class of 2018."

The Cum Laude Society recognizes the members of the graduating class who, throughout their Upper School careers, embody the Society's mission. The Society inducts those students demonstrating a superior academic record in the most rigorous coursework, a deep commitment to integrity and a strong adherence to the GA Honor Code, and a passion for learning both in and out of the classroom.

At the end of the school year, the school will honor all of the Class of 2018 Cum Laude inductees at a special ceremony.