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Dr. Michael Fowlin Visits Germantown Academy for Wellness Week

Germantown Academy welcomed Dr. Michael Fowlin to speak with the Middle School as part of Wellness Week. Fowlin, who has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Evangel University, in Springfield, Missouri and a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Rutgers University, combined both his professional acting talents and his psychological training to create an atmosphere of worldwide inclusion, not just tolerance, towards all people.

"As expected, today’s presentation by Dr. Michael Fowlin was powerful and emotional," Head of Middle School Jonas Jeswald said. "Using three fictional characters and personal stories, Dr. Fowlin delivered the following message to students and faculty: everyone deserves to feel like they belong; we have more in common than is obvious; and that we all wear ‘masks’, and we can’t assume we really know someone or what they may be dealing with behind their 'mask'." 

After each performance, Fowlin discussed with the students what they had seen and asked them to reflect on and share their experiences. The students then went to advisory where they discussed the presentation even deeper, guided by their Advisor.

"Michael Fowlin’s unique combination of storytelling and performance is highly engaging and compelling, especially so to Middle School students," Director of Middle School Student Life Kate Cassidy said. "Our time with him gave us all a chance to reflect on our own stories and the stories lived by members of our community, whether those stories are known or less visible. Reflecting in this way allows our students to develop compassion, empathy, and understanding, not only for others, but also for themselves."