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Club Wednesday: The Edition

Every Wednesday, Germantown Academy's marketing and communications team spotlights one of the many clubs on campus that make GA so extremely special. This week, we’re taking a look at The Edition, the popular Upper School student newspaper that features school news, editorials, sports updates, and commentary on contemporary culture. GA recently had a chance to chat with Upper School English Teacher and faculty advisor Helga Vultz to talk about the long-standing student publication.

Who makes up The Edition newsroom?

Chief Editors (print): J. Fassler '20 and Sabreen Mohammed '20

Chief Editors (web): Jakob Slifker '20

Desk Editors:

i. News: Matt Sandifer ’20 and Harry Hou '21  

ii. Op-Ed: Tiffany Zhong '20 and Priya Anand '21

iii.  Sports: Jonathan Fineman '20

iv.   Arts: Christina Nguyen '21 and Maddie Gamburg '21

v.  E-desk: Helen Wu '21, Grace Brogan '21, Jenna Rothenstein '21, Kara McAndrew '20

The Edition team also features a number of junior editors, staff writers, and photographers.

How many times a month does The Edition meet? About once a month.

Who can contribute to The Edition? Any members of the GA community are welcome to propose article ideas and write for The Edition.

How long does it take to produce one issue of The Edition? The website articles generally take four to six days from assignment, through edits, and posting to the E-dition website. The print articles require 3-4 weeks from assignment, through content edits, layout, off-site printing, to distribution

What’s the best part of working on the school newspaper? Watching students grow and rise into leadership roles from year to year and facilitating students as they learn how to maintain and creatively refine a publication process that is almost entirely their own, but is also a long-standing tradition of GA.

We can't wait to read the next edition!


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