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Class of 2023 Graduates from Germantown Academy

Germantown Academy honored, celebrated and welcomed the remarkable Class of 2023 into the school's storied alumni body during a picture-perfect ceremony on Friday, June 9, 2023 on Connor Quad. (Photos) (Watch)

Prior to the presentation of diplomas from Head of School Rich Schellhas 1760 and Board of Trustees President Lori R. Griswold 1760, students, parents, and extended family members were inspired and entertained by student speakers Sam Wang '23 -- who served as the Student Government Association President during the 2022-23 school year -- and Stella Lee '23. Upper School Mathematics Teacher and Head of Roberts House Allison Rader delivered the faculty speech. 

Senior Class Representatives to the Student Government Association—Kayla D'Eletto '23, Morgan Hellebusch '23, and Ava Toren '23—presented the class stone designed by Ryleigh Dougherty '23 and the Class of 2023’s gift to the Annual Fund.

During the ceremony, Morgen Zighelboim '23 and Joseph Richards '23 were awarded the Beard Memorial Award for fostering the spirit, cherishing the tradition, and promoting the interest of the Academy. 

Maria Petko '23 and Aaron Parks '23 were each presented with the Head of School Prize, which is awarded to the two students of the graduating class who, while at Germantown Academy, have made the best use of their talents.

Lastly, Wang was awarded the Academy Wooden Spoon Award. In the 19th century, GA seniors would gather for a "class dinner" at which they would regale each other with speeches, songs, and jokes. Prizes were awarded for academic excellence, and one lucky student received a large wooden spoon. The spoon was a special prize awarded the senior who did the most to "nourish" other students through kindness and character. In 2022, the Academy reinstated this award once again to acknowledge one senior's kindness and character.

Also included in the ceremony was the induction of new members to the honorary alumni Class of 1760. Alumni Society Board President Jennifer Leming Rotzell '97 announced that this year's honorary alumni inductees are Child Care Assistant Group Supervisor Bernadette Guidetti 1760, Trustee and Chair of the Parent of Alumni Association Cheryl Ross P '10, '13 1760, and Director of Communications and Marketing Carla Zighelboim P'23, '26 1760

Congratulations to our newest alumni!!!

House Head: Steve Moll


  • Sage Alexandra Battisto, Lifer, Prefect
  • Matthew D. McGettigan, Prefect
  • Melinda Michelle Amorosi, Lifer, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Justin Blake Cartagenova, 
  • Jonathan Davison Freeman
  • Colin J. Kearney
  • Blake David Lyntton
  • Abigail Marino
  • Claire Madison McMichael
  • Ruby Serafina Moyer, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Kyle Sage Orenstein
  • Aaron Joseph Parks
  • Noelle Doreen Paynton
  • Maria Evangelina Petko, Cum Laude
  • Colin B. Pugh
  • Luisa C. Ramirez
  • Jacob Meyer Sasson
  • Ellee Samantha Segal
  • Dean Shacklett III
  • Emily Kathleen Spillane

House Head: Peggy Bradley


  • Claire Michelle Mateo, Prefect
  • Malia Grace Walton, Lifer, Prefect
  • Blaise Bailey, Lifer
  • Raina Bandekar, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Haiden W. Bonczek
  • Ryleigh Dougherty, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • MacGregor Slack Jordan, Lifer
  • Gina Marie Melograno
  • Cam Davis Moore
  • Kessiah Patrick
  • Drew Daniel Schwartz, Lifer
  • Christine Sfida
  • Logan K. Shallow, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Clarissa Teagan Smith
  • Evan Richard Spivey
  • Luke Matthew Topley
  • Eli Shapiro Torrey, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Nicholas Venziale

House Head: Dr. Michael Torrey


  • Serena Kaur Bagga, Lifer, Prefect, Academy Scholar
  • Braheen A. Mitchell, Jr., Prefect
  • Stephen Thomas Calabro
  • Caitlyn Anne Connelly, Lifer
  • Aidan Donahue
  • Adhiraj Akshay Gadre
  • Max Elijah Goldman
  • Danny Hernandez
  • Olivia Sophia Jappe
  • Emma Knebel, Lifer, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Colin Manuel Leon, Lifer
  • Aja Michelle McBride
  • Ava McManus, Lifer
  • John Patrick Morris
  • Charles Talbot Ota, Cum Laude
  • Sarah Elizabeth Sandifer, Cum Laude
  • Olivia Grace Shafer
  • Vance Alexander Thorpe
  • Moraiya Symone Wilson
  • Logan Storey Wodward, Lifer

House Head: Matthew Dence


  • Morgan Blache Hellebusch, Lifer, Prefect, Academy Scholar
  • Anish Sriram, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Gracen Jane Brant
  • Kate Simmons Brogan
  • Yash Chadda, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Ella Grace DeCardona, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Alissa Joyce Freeman
  • Rocco Joseph Ippoldo
  • Lana Li Karpf
  • Aayush Kevadia, Cum Laude
  • Sarah Ann Ladouceur
  • Hannah Anne Manusov, Cum Laude
  • Jessie Jay Ordillas
  • Walker Main Schwartz, Lifer
  • William Conner Sun
  • Aeneas Vance
  • Samuel Wang, Cum Laude
  • Spencer Chester Westover

House Head: Adam Wilsman


  • Carolyn Ann Connolly, Prefect
  • Asher Craig Sasson, Prefect
  • Elizabeth Maria DiSandro, Lifer
  • Zachary Genovesi
  • Robert Goldberger
  • Aisosa Dumebi Idahosa, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Jacob David Kafrissen, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Alexander R. Krausz
  • Stella Lee, Cum Laude
  • Nicholas P. Lucarini 
  • Patrick Michael Major
  • Amelia Massetti, Lifer
  • Zachary Michael Mateo, Cum Laude
  • Charles Thomas Murgia
  • Mia Claire Raven
  • Amelia Joy McMichael Reaume, Lifer, Academy Scholar
  • Taylor Nicole Weiss, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Tyler Gene Weiss
  • Katja Elise Wetzel, Lifer

House Head: Allison Rader


  • Alexander James Farina, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Emily Fiona McKenna, Lifer, Prefect
  • Christopher James Bauer
  • Phoebe Christine Caffey, Lifer
  • Coco Anne DeBartlo
  • Kayla Jane D'Eletto
  • Julia M. Fitzpatrick
  • Joshua Charles Freeman
  • Anna Jordan Gamburg, Lifer
  • Joshua Gibbs
  • Tristan Paulo Machado
  • Sarah Elizabeth Marvin
  • Ella Elisabeth Metro, Lifer
  • Madelyn Rose Petrone
  • Aarav Bhavesh Satashia, Cum Laude
  • Kate Stone
  • Damon Julian Sun, Lifer
  • Ava Madison Toren
  • Finley Beck Wentz
  • Aidan Joseph Zakarewicz

House Head: Sara Krupnick-Ritz


  • Joseph Francis Richards, Prefect, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Morgen Rose Zighelboim, Lifer, Prefect
  • Ryan P. Barrett
  • Kendall Reese Bennett
  • Jordan Mitchell Boymel, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Elizabeth Burke
  • Declan Martin Connaughton
  • Dylan Patrick Garber
  • Kayleigh Grace Howard
  • Fern Elizabeth Joson
  • Eliza Ryan Meth
  • Alexandra Grace Ruane
  • Elizabeth Christine Smith
  • Jacob Harrison Spain, Lifer
  • John Augustine Strauss
  • Luke Weidemoyer, Cum Laude
  • David Lawrence Werther