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Class of 2022 Graduates from Germantown Academy

Germantown Academy honored, celebrated and welcomed the remarkable Class of 2022 into the school's storied alumni body during a picture-perfect ceremony on Friday, June 10, 2022 on Connor Quad. (Photos)

Prior to the presentation of diplomas from Head of School Rich Schellhas 1760 and Board of Trustees President Lori R. Griswold 1760, students, parents, and extended family members were inspired and entertained by student speakers Cory Miller '22 and Caitlin Boland '22. Upper School English Teacher Dan St. Jean delivered the faculty speech. 

Senior Class Representatives to the Student Government Association—Fore Abinusawa '22, Jake Hsu '22, and Casey Traina '22—presented the class stone and the Class of 2022’s gift to the Annual Fund.

During the ceremony, Abinusawa and Traina -- who served as the Student Government Association President during the 2021-22 school year -- were awarded the Nahill Memorial Medal, which was established in 1964 by the Class of 1960 in memory of their Class President, George Gregory Nahill. This medal is awarded to the students of the senior class who, by vote of the class, have done the most to further class unity.

Blythe Berlinger '22 and Kwabena Ampomah '22 were each presented with the Head of School Prize, which is awarded to the two students of the graduating class who, while at Germantown Academy, have made the best use of their talents.

Lastly, Boland was awarded the Academy Wooden Spoon Award. In the 19th century, GA seniors would gather for a "class dinner" at which they would regale each other with speeches, songs, and jokes. Prizes were awarded for academic excellence, and one lucky student received a large wooden spoon. The spoon was a special prize awarded the senior who did the most to "nourish" other students through kindness and character. In 2022, the Academy reinstated this award once again to acknowledge one senior's kindness and character.

Also included in the ceremony was the induction of new members to the honorary alumni Class of 1760. Alumni Society Board President Jennifer Leming Rotzell '97 announced that this year's honorary alumni inductees are Upper School Mathematics Teacher Lisa Ledwith 1760, Director of Advancement and Strategic Initiatives Audrey Schnur '1760, and former Kindergarten Teacher Peter Waxler 1760.

Congratulations to our newest alumni!!!

House Head: Steve Moll


  • Jacob Hsu, Lifer, Prefect, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Ava Gala Spratt, Prefect
  • Clara Evelyn Alger, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Brian R. Allen Jr.
  • Hassan Ayub, Cum Laude
  • Alexa Jane Baer, Lifer
  • Sangeetha P. Bhuyan, Cum Laude
  • Lilly Cannon
  • Gobind S. Chawla
  • Alexander Scott Creighton
  • Sofia Marie Carvalho Eichsteadt, Cum Laude
  • John Dovey Galloway, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Henry Jack Getson, Lifer
  • Coulten Francis Grasela
  • John Joseph Luviano IV
  • Cole Robert Putnam
  • Catherine Ann Shuron
  • Patrick Michael Tronoski, Cum Laude

House Head: Peggy Bradley


  • Gavin Legos, Prefect
  • Riya S. Palkar, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Atharv Awasthi, Cum Laude
  • Blythe Ainsley Berlinger, Cum Laude
  • Lucas Challes
  • Ryan Gelman, Cum Laude
  • Lainey Sara Goldoor
  • Walker Rutherfoord Goodwin, Lifer
  • Dylan Hersh
  • Zachary Edward Kotik
  • Steven V. Landsberg
  • Jacob Tyler Lee
  • Bethany Elizabeth Matje
  • Nicole Gabrielle Ranile
  • Adebola Stella Rotibi
  • Matteo Sarisky
  • Blake Alexander Smith
  • Alaina Nicole Steck, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Julian Wilson, Lifer

House Head: Dr. Michael Torrey


  • Preet Dudhat, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Livi Palmer Merrill, Prefect
  • Lilly Elizabeth Acker
  • James Timothy Amann
  • Brooke Ashdale, Lifer
  • Sydney Cameron 
  • Heidi Cross, Lifer, Academy Scholar
  • Luca Diem
  • Jake Williams Dierks, Lifer
  • Quinn Kathleen Cooley
  • Jacob Alden French
  • Cailin Anne Hasson
  • Zephyrus Kai Johnson 
  • Ari Michael Lasdon, Lifer
  • Neekan Frederick Mehrganpour
  • Riley William Sullivan, Lifer
  • Mikaela Maida Szautner, Lifer
  • Brandon Wang
  • Jason Wang
  • Connor Anderson Wetzel

House Head: Matthew Dence


  • Kwabena Ampomah, Prefect, Academy Scholar
  • Caitlin Elizabeth Boland, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Alexander W. Badami, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Samuel Thomas Colen, Lifer
  • Ralph Gerald Gariano
  • Charlotte Rebecca Harobin, Lifer
  • Dylan Ross Jeck
  • Samuel Khavinson
  • Quinn Jefferson Korman, Lifer
  • Joshua Alexander Lee
  • Sean Maxwell Lipschutz
  • Summer Cadence Moses
  • Brianna Morgan O'Hara
  • Seth Charles Roth, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Angelina Diana Sannicandro
  • Sean Timothy Spinosa
  • Brendan Michael Szczepkowski
  • Margaret Kathryn Thompson
  • Henry Colburn Wescott
  • Paige Elizabeth Whitman
  • Rebecca Ann Zaki, Lifer 

House Head: Susan Merrill


  • Juliana Gonzalez, Lifer, Prefect
  • Charles Cory Ashton Miller, Lifer, Prefect
  • Alyssa Cai
  • Jeffrey Cheng, Cum Laude
  • Christian Dane Combs
  • Ethan Watts Feigles
  • Alexis Goodridge, Cum Laude
  • Annabel M. Hellman, Lifer
  • Arthur Judson IV, Lifer
  • Lyndsea Grace Landmesser, Lifer
  • Luke Patrick Marvin
  • Leo James Florencio McElroy
  • Michael J. McGhee
  • Christine Meng, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Olivia Marie Pacitti
  • Richard Polk Wagner III
  • Aidan Joseph Walsh
  • Dane Henry Wetzel, Lifer

House Head: Allison Rader


  • Emily Chuyi Luo, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • John Eugene Maketa III, Prefect
  • Sonia Behrendt
  • Henry Stuart Bradley
  • Jack Lawrence Brookman, Lifer
  • Gurbani K. Chawla
  • Peregrine John Fraser
  • Grace I. Good, Cum Laude
  • Lucy Catherine Harobin, Lifer
  • Zoe Hersh
  • Samuel Ingersoll, Lifer
  • Jack Bradley Liss
  • Jenna Elizabeth Nolan, Cum Laude
  • Brendan Thomas Page
  • Elizabeth G. Riley
  • Frederick Michael von Zuben
  • Justin Wang
  • Noel B. Washington          

House Head: Rachel Lintgen '90


  • Moforehan Ololade Abinusawa, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • James Henry Morrissey, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Maya Altimany
  • Matthew Charles Andress
  • Paige Begley
  • Saanvi Bhatia
  • Joseph TaeYang Cava, Lifer
  • Kate Elizabeth Cooper
  • William Douglas Cooper, Lifer
  • Joseph Richard Delello
  • Brendan Robert Donnelly
  • Riley Lauren Dowd
  • Lilly Anna Funk
  • Michael Steven Jackaman
  • Donald G. Lattanze
  • Candice Elizabeth Medina, Cum Laude
  • Brett Tyler Rabbiner, Cum Laude
  • Matthew Robert Sands
  • Casey Traina, President, Cum Laude
  • Jake Conner Wezner
  • Gabrielle Aaliyah Williams, Lifer