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Class of 2021 Graduates from Germantown Academy

Germantown Academy honored, celebrated and welcomed the remarkable Class of 2021 into the school's illustrious alumni body during a special commencement ceremony on Friday, June 11, 2021 on Connor Quad.  (SEE PHOTOS)

Prior to the presentation of diplomas from Head of School Rich Schellhas 1760 and Board of Trustees President Lori R. Griswold 1760, students, parents, and extended family members were inspired and entertained by student speakers Sarah Rojas '21 and Helen Wu '21. Head of Middle School Jonas Jeswald delivered the faculty speech. 

Senior Class Representatives to the Student Government Association—Dean Millard '21, Nate Philip '21, Jenisha Savani '21—presented the class stone and the Class of 2021’s gift to the Annual Fund.

During the ceremony, Sean McHugh '21 and Sophie Towne '21 were awarded the Beard Memorial Award, which is given to the student who has done the most to foster the spirit, cherish the tradition, and promote the interest of the Academy. The Beard Memorial Award is given in memory of Donald Swan Beard '22, whose untiring efforts and leadership as President of the Board of Trustees contributed in large measure to the relocation of Germantown Academy at Fort Washington, and to its dedication and education of girls as well as boys.

Finn Lukens '21 and Yolanda Peat '21 were each presented with the Head of School Prize, which is awarded to the two students of the graduating class who, while at Germantown Academy, have made the best use of their talents.

Lastly, Rojas, who served as the Student Government Association President during the 2020-2021 school year, was awarded the Academy Wooden Spoon Award. In the 19th century, GA seniors would gather for a "class dinner" at which they would regale each other with speeches, songs, and jokes. Prizes were awarded for academic excellence, and one lucky student received a large wooden spoon. The spoon was a special prize awarded the senior who did the most to "nourish" other students through kindness and character. In 2021, the Academy reinstated this award once again to acknowledge one senior's kindness and character.

Also included in the ceremony was the induction of new members to the honorary alumni Class of 1760. Alumni Society Board President Will Weihenmayer '03 announced that this year's honorary alumni inductees are Director of Security Steve Dolan 1760, Lower School Math Specialist Sue McHugh 1760, and PreKindergarten Teacher Rose Marie Mirabile 1760. Dolan and McHugh are retiring at the end of this school year.

Led by Upper School Performing Arts Chair/Choral Director Charlie Masters, members of the Singing Patriots Select, including Salaam Austin '24, Adhi Gadre '23, Danny Hernandez '23, Neekan '22, Henry Morrissey '22, Nicholas O'Hara '24, Liam Richardson-Harris '24, and Trip Wagner '22, performed "You'll Never Walk Alone." Hernandez also sang the "Star-Spangled Banner."

Congratulations to our newest alumni!!!

House Head: Peggy Bradley


  • Merigo McNally Durkin, Lifer, Prefect
  • Jacob Grim, Prefect
  • Jessica Deana Moore, Prefect
  • Elise Margaret Smigiel, Prefect  
  • Michael Baron               
  • Rebecca Michelle Booth            
  • Grace Hathaway Brogan, Academy Scholar       
  • Quartnei Leigh Brown                
  • Jane Charlotte Franz-Milkewicz, Lifer
  • Lyric Harris-Peoples                    
  • Ava Josephine Knopping                          
  • Esme Streeper Leach, Lifer
  • Sean Gabriel Lee                          
  • Jordan Andrew Longino, Lifer                         
  • Andreas Moeller, Cum Laude    
  • Nicholas Niemynski, Lifer                  
  • Joseph Petko
  • Ryan Devlin Ruane                      
  • Devin S. Smith

House Head: Dr. Michael Torrey


  • Ella Catherine Brant, Prefect      
  • Brandon Giampalmi, Prefect                    
  • Haley Jordan Marks, Prefect
  • Tajah Muneerah Williams, Prefect           
  • Chelsea Nicole Bright                   
  • Autem Setira Burgess, Lifer                
  • Parker Ameen Chisholm                          
  • Kiernan T. Devane                        
  • Robert Brian DiDonato, Lifer, Cum Laude
  • Sarah Ashley Fineman, Academy Scholar, Cum Laude
  • Dara Katherine Kaufman                           
  • Sierra Anne McDonald               
  •  Mae Elizabeth Nagel, Lifer                  
  • Patrick Joseph O'Hara, Cum Laude                  
  • Sarah Marie Rojas, Cum Laude        
  • Hayes Killian Rosato                    
  • Michael Cooper Rowan               
  • Kendall Olivia Skalicky                
  • Lacey Andrew Snowden Jr.                       
  • Justin Louis Weiss, Lifer, Cum Laude 

House Head: Matthew Dence


  • Matthew Cho, LiferPrefect 
  • Daniel Finnegan Lukens, LiferPrefect           
  • Daelyn Nwaobasi, Prefect
  • Sophia Belle Towne, Prefect
  • Christian Edward Colman                         
  • Faith Kristen Davis, Lifer                    
  • Madeline Eden Gamburg, Lifer, Academy Scholar
  • Colleen E. Gibbons                      
  • Owen Grady, Lifer               
  • Viyon Houessou-Adin                 
  • Perry R. Irons, Lifer              
  • Harrison Levans            
  • Henry Moyer, Lifer               
  • Bryan Wayne O’Neill                   
  • Louis Xavior Porter                      
  • Emma Grace Schneck, Cum Laude    
  • Katherine Rose Shapiro
  • Eileen W. Zhang, Cum Laude       

House Head: Susan Merrill


  • Jake Brownstein, LiferPrefect                         
  • Alanna Rose DePaul, Prefect      
  • Sean Douglas McHugh, Prefect  
  • Dean Everett Millard, Prefect     
  • Caroline Grace Antonacio                        
  • Colin Joseph Brereton
  • Danielle Lauren Casimiro, LiferAcademy Scholar       
  • Adam Georgopoulos, Cum Laude
  • Harry Patton Hou Cum Laude    
  • Anthony Demetri Kostacos, Cum Laude                  
  • Paige Ellen Lugossy                      
  • Collin James McDonald, Cum Laude                  
  • Christina Phan Nguyen, Lifer, Academy Scholar, Cum Laude
  • Ryan James Quinn, Cum Laude  
  • Tegerty Ritchie              
  • Jordan Lynne Robertson, Lifer                        
  • Nicoletta Joelle Roman, Lifer                         
  • Jenna Lauren Rothenstein

House Head: Allison Rader


  • Milo DeBartlo, Prefect                 
  • Max Andrew Lasdon, Lifer, Prefect   
  • Natalie Spencer Schildt, Prefect           
  • Mackenzie Smith Prefect, Academy Scholar                      
  • Dillon Eshan Agrawal, Cum Laude                  
  • Dylan Denenberg                                       
  • Jerry Griffen-Batchler                 
  • Christopher Hackley                   
  • Sydney Anne Hill, Lifer, Academy Scholar                      
  • Gregory Kraynak, Cum Laude       
  • Juleana Rea Landmesser, Lifer                       
  •  Jordan Amanda Langsfeld, Lifer                     
  •  Julia Elizabeth Beard Peters                      
  • Dennison L. Qu, Cum Laude             
  • Evangeline Roller, Lifer                       
  • Jenisha Savani, Lifer                             
  • David Francis Savidge III              
  • Marcus Gabriel Sharf                  
  • Alexander Walkush, Lifer                                

House Head: Rachel Lintgen '90


  • Maeve Evelyn Diver, Prefect
  • Bredt Fernando León, LiferPrefectCum Laude
  • Stefan Blake Lyntton, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Yolanda Symone Peat, Lifer, Prefect
  • Blake Hayden Battisto, Lifer
  • Shane Christopher Connolly
  • Kevin Kang Cui, Cum Laude
  • Thomas Matthew DiChiara, LiferAcademy Scholar
  • Charlotte Hope DiLello
  • Jade Lynn Dohner, Cum Laude
  • Sam Robert Fortunato
  • Sophie Kathryn Freeston
  • Griffin Gallucci Henze
  • Camryn Nicole Hermance
  • Grace Ann Hill
  • Olivia Kathryn Jones, Lifer
  • Cole Klein
  • Sofia Jane Mascaro
  • Nathan Dev Philip, Cum Laude
  • Nicholas Angelo Saldutti, Lifer
  • Rebecca Sofia Vidal             

House Head: Steve Moll


  • Alexander Garcia Bouchard, Prefect
  • Brian J. Kelley Jr., Prefect            
  • Kiersten Patricia Reilly, Prefect  
  • Rachel Theresa Roth, Lifer, Prefect
  • Priyanka Ajay Anand, Lifer, Academy Scholar, Cum Laude
  • Samuel Cerebe                             
  • Jeffrey Decker                              
  • Talison Jane Jordan, Lifer
  • Rebecca R. Lee, Academy Scholar
  • Rishi Mandapaka          
  • Maxwell Mateo, Lifer                                        
  • Jameson Andrew McGrath, Lifer      
  • Kolby Johnston Palmer, Cum Laude                  
  • Ryan Jacob Ramler                      
  • Angela Claire Seravalli                
  • Nathaniel Michael Swanson                    
  • Emily S. Wang, Cum Laude                        
  • Helen Y. Wu, Cum Laude