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Class of 2020 Graduates from Germantown Academy

Thank you to everyone who worked for weeks on end to make this graduation ceremony a joyous event for the Class of 2020! Thank you to our nurses who took the temperature of every single person upon arrival on campus. Thank you to our Maintenance Team for going the extra mile in setting up this year's socially-distanced event, which included spaced out seating on Connor Quad and a two-tiered stage. Parents watched via a livestream in different parts of the campus, but had the opportunity to walk over to the perimeter of the Quad to watch their child walk across the stage. Everyone wore masks, but students did have the opportunity to quickly smile (mask-less) for the camera while maintaining distance from others.

Germantown Academy honored, celebrated and welcomed the remarkable Class of 2020 into the school's illustrious alumni body during a special (and socially-distanced) commencement ceremony on Friday, July 17, 2020 on Connor Quad.  (SEE PHOTOS)

Prior to the presentation of diplomas from Head of School Rich Schellhas and Board of Trustees President Bradley J. Korman '83, students, parents, and extended family members were inspired and entertained by student speakers Seamus Dean '20 and Sasha Capers '20. Director of Professional Development Maggie McVeigh 1760 delivered the faculty speech. After 44 amazing years, Ms. McVeigh, who has served in a number of different roles on campus, retired from GA at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. 

Senior Class Representatives to the Student Government Association—Lily Ernst '20, Lindsay Putnam '20, Justin Rhodes '20—presented the class stone and the Class of 2020’s gift to the Annual Fund.

Also included in the ceremony was the induction of new members to the honorary alumni Class of 1760. Alumni Society Board President Will Weihenmayer '03 announced that this year's honorary alumni inductees are Marisa McAuliffe (Lower School Spanish Teacher), Jody Bohr (Intermediate Music Teacher/Music Department Coordinator), Bob Moyer (History Department Head), and Rich Schellhas (Head of School).

Maeve Diver '21, Sydney Hill '21, Rachel Roth '21 and Upper School Performing Arts Chair/Choral Director Charlie Masters provided music for the ceremony.

Congratulations to our newest alumni!!!

House Head: Peggy Bradley

  • Madelyn Paige Burns, Prefect
  • Ryan Joseph Fairlie, Prefect
  • Zachary Michael Anderson
  • Walker Phillips Butler*
  • Lina Cahill, Cum Laude
  • Brina Paige Cartagenova
  • Lilyana Nicole Ernst*
  • Ella Jane Henry
  • Alexandra Madeline Kafrissen*, Academy Scholar
  • Thomas Patrick McDonnell III
  • Catherine McFadden
  • Harry Paul Mirabile III*
  • Sabreen Mohammed, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Luke Joseph Monahan
  • Solan Noritoki O'Malley*, Academy Scholar
  • Grace Anne Pacitti
  • Luke Xavier Strauss
  • Myah A. Taylor
  • Trae Payton Vance
  • Olivia Renée Westover


House Head: Reed Skoug

  • Lindsay Putnam, Cum Laude, Prefect
  • Noah Joseph Spratt, Prefect
  • Roderick Roy Azizi*
  • Nicholas Bekos
  • Alexander Caleb Browne*, Cum Laude
  • J Fassler, Cum Laude
  • Josephine Helen Korman*
  • Dante Nicholas Messina
  • Molly Catherine Oeth
  • Kelli Jane Ramer
  • Elizabeth Rose McMichael Reaume*, Cum Laude
  • Katie Sands, Cum Laude
  • Vraj Bhavesh Satashia
  • Carmen Leonard Sinker
  • Elle Elizabeth Stauffer
  • Alexander Tang
  • Julien Vongvixay*
  • Matthew Voutsinos
  • Jason Wang
  • Cianni Williams, Academy Scholar


House Head: Dave Martin 1760

  • Sasha Gabrielle Capers*, Prefect
  • Matthew Aidan Sandifer, Prefect, Cum Laude
  • Lily Kathryn Connor, Academy Scholar
  • Zachary Alexander Coren
  • Seamus Martin Dean*
  • Jonathan Lawrence Fineman, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Daniel Clay Garber
  • Terence Z Huang, Academy Scholar
  • Grace Eileen Kaupas
  • Madison Rose Kurtz*
  • Laura Guico Lennon*
  • Amanda Li, Cum Laude
  • Kara McAndrew*, Cum Laude
  • Gianna Maria Murgia
  • Madeline Ota
  • Deon Savage
  • Zachary Noah Spain
  • Eyassu Tadesse
  • Zachary William Thurlow
  • Madeline Vizza
  • Tiffany Zhong, Cum Laude


House Head: Susan Merrill

  • Sarah Morgan DiLello, Prefect
  • Shane Francis Harkins, Prefect
  • Alana Grace Andress
  • Liliana Cohen
  • Matthew Raymond Creighton
  • Mark Jacob Dobson
  • Davis Alexander Harobin*
  • John Edward Karr, Cum Laude
  • William Hart Korman*
  • Pacey Aaron Liss
  • Gavin Edward Loughlin
  • Grace Frances McGettigan
  • Caroline W. Paik*, Cum Laude
  • Mackenzie Morgan Pasquarella*
  • Lauren Paynton, Cum Laude
  • Matthew Daniel Sender*, Cum Laude
  • Jakob Nathaniel Kelly Friedman Slifker, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Isabella Venziale
  • Owen Gregor Wetzel*
  • Alex Yan, Cum Laude


House Head: Allison Rader

  • Sadie Lauryl Andra, Prefect
  • Jash Kakadia*, Prefect, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Marc L Arsever*
  • Katy Cheng
  • Garrett Alexander Comrie
  • Owen Reily Fitz, Cum Laude
  • Kenneth Kaishi Gong, Cum Laude
  • Brendan Christopher Hasson
  • Jaye Alese Haynes*
  • Anthony Hu, Cum Laude, Academy Scholar
  • Daniel Constantin Krausz
  • Maylin Jacksyn Lindsey
  • Sam Love*
  • Gabriela Manosis
  • Olivia Josephine McMichael
  • Hasit Bharat Patel
  • Caitlyn Priore
  • Bailey Farin Rhodes
  • Meaghan Toscano, Cum Laude
  • Lucas Warner Traina


House Head: Rachel Lintgen '90

  • Juan Carlos Adames Jr., Prefect
  • Kiley Marie Kergides, Prefect
  • Sarah Alhadad
  • Riley M. Allen
  • Emma Rose Atkinson
  • Caroline Minehart Colen*
  • Lily Grace Cooper
  • Bruce Alexander Henry
  • Philip R. Herman IV
  • Katie L. Koch
  • Hans Franklin Lillis
  • Tayshaun Mack*
  • William Carl Martin*
  • Jordan Roche
  • Moseley L. Schwartz*
  • Alice Su, Cum Laude
  • Elizabeth Payne Van Blarcom*
  • Michael Charles Wood*
  • David Joseph Zielke


House Head: Steve Moll

  • Elizabeth Altomare, Prefect
  • Justin Rhodes, Prefect
  • Luke Sebastian Abraham*
  • Tara Babal, Academy Scholar
  • Aagaz Baig
  • Annabel Nita Hamilton Brewer*
  • Colby Alexander Brundin, Cum Laude
  • Michael Shea Dion
  • Maya Despina Foglia
  • Isabelle Victoria Verden Goldstein*, Cum Laude
  • Wyatt Hare
  • Christopher Sungjin Kim
  • Eleni Kytzidis
  • Eric Daniel Lafond
  • Destiny Nia Mayfield
  • Jibrael Moore
  • Kerway Tsai, Cum Laude
  • Marius Vava*, Cum Laude
  • Nadja Velis