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Calder-Inspired Circus Sculptures

In Kindergarten art, students read Sandy's Circus by Tanya Lee Stone and learned about artist Alexander Calder's early sculpture work using wire, wood and found objects in which he created a small circus that he operated with moveable parts for viewers. Like Calder, students used wood, wire, and other found objects from the art room to create their own circus sculptures. They hammered nailes into wood, attached wire, and made people to perform and be audience members by twisting and wrapping Wikki stix. After creating these vibrant, active sculpture, students were interviewed so they could tell teachers about what they made in their circus.

There is one person in the audience and two people on the trapeze, one person hanging and two people trying to get him down. There is another person hanging. -Torin
There is a person doing a double flip holding onto the hoop from the top. There's a person at the bottom standing on a metal bridge. - Grayson
I made a balance beam and there is a kitty who climbs up the balance beam and there is a guy who catches the kitty at the bottom. There is a motorcycle with two people riding on it. - Quinny
There is a person standing on one leg. There are people jumping on ropes and one is standing on a really big cliff. - Addie
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