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Bravo, Middle School!

The Middle School's production of "Freaky Friday" on Friday, January 31 and Saturday, February 1 was truly a highlight of the winter thus far.

“This was one of the most difficult shows we have done in the Middle School since I took over the musicals 13 years ago," said Director/Middle School Drama Teacher Joanna Rominger. "Not only was the music tough, but students needing to act and tell Freaky Friday’s complex story was definitely a challenge. The cast was a very special group of students. The morale between the students, through support and positivity energy, was infectious at each rehearsal. They worked so hard, were focused and always put their best foot forward. This is what led to the success of the musical in the end.”

Congratulations to all involved! Bravo, Middle School!





Director/Choreographer: Joanna Rominger

Assistant Directors: Kristen Donches 1760 and Cindy Cho

Costumes: Joanna Rominger, Kristen Donches 1760, Cindy Cho

Production Manager/Technical Director/Light Designer/Set & Sound Design Mentor- Paul Moffitt




Ellie - Gianna M. '25

Katherine - Ada L. '25

Fletcher - Zachary Z. '26

Mike - Nick O. '24



Adam - Julian A. '25

Greg - Liam R-H. '24

Hannah - Emma M. '24

Parker - Melinda S. '24

Wells - Salaam A. '24

Savannah: Nina S. '26 (Friday) and Eve K. '24 (Saturday)

Savannah's Minions: Rosie C. '26, Giah S. '26, Charlotte B. '25, Brie S. '25.



Torrey - Sanya B. '25

Grandpa Gordon - Aidan G. '25

Grandma Helene - Neha J. '25

Pastor Bruno - Ethan P. '24

Mr. Meyers - Farihah K.

Danielle - Kiran B. '25

Louis - Declan D.

Mr. Blumen - Aidan G. '25

Dr. Ehrin - Ethan P. '24

Mrs. Luckenbill - Nehan J. '25

Senor O'Brien - Aidan G. '25

Mrs. Time - Nehan J. '25

Officer Sitz - Kiran B. '25

Officer Kowalski - Ethan P. '24



Alexa W. '26

Anastasia P. '26

Ben M. '26

Caroline H.

Declan D. '26

Edie L. '26

Emily P. '26

Emmy S. '26

Eve K. '24

Farihah K. '25

Fred Z. '24

Jack D. '26

Julia C. '25

Kiran B. '25

Maddy D. '24

McKenna M. '25

Natalie I. '26

Samantha K. '24

Skylar S. '26

Steven S. '26

Utsav M. '25


Musical Director: Charlie Masters

Conductor: Lou Woodruff

Piano: Charlie Demets

Bass: Chris Horner

Guitar: Eric McGarry

Drums: DeLane Doyle




Set Designer – Tara Babal '20

Sound Designer – Harry Mirabile '20

Stage Manager – Perry Fraser '22

Backstage Manager’s– Coco DeBartlo '23, Bethany Matje '22

Spotlight Manager and Master Electrician – Seth Roth '22

Sound Board Operator – David Savidge '21

Microphones / Run Crew – Fin Wentz '23, Aja McBride '23

Build Crew – Foundations of Technical Theatre and Advanced Technical Theatre classes



Winston S. '25

Keira M. '26

Emmeline C. '26

Rayne F. '26

Devin L. '24

Ben C. '26

Thomas B. '26

AJ D. '24

Grace P. '25

Jianna K. '25

Michaila M. '26