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Bob Moyer Inducted into the Class of 1760

Upper School History Department Head Bob Moyer was inducted into the Class of 1760 during the Class of 2020's graduation ceremony on Friday, July 17, 2020.

Will Weihenmayer '03, President, Alumni Society Board:

On behalf of the Alumni Society Board, I want to congratulate the Class of 2020 and welcome you into the alumni community. You may feel like you’re finishing your GA career today, but I would encourage you to stay connected. Stay connected with your classmates, the faculty and fellow alums. Come back to GA/PC day, attend the alumni events, or join one of the many CSO alumni groups around the country. You have so many opportunities to take advantage of as a GA alum and the school community is here to support you.

I am here today to introduce and welcome four new classmates into the honorary alumni Class of 1760, created to recognize non-alumni for their outstanding contributions to the Academy. Numerous nominations are received and closely reviewed each year by the Alumni Society Board before deciding on the year’s inductees.

Given the changes to this year’s graduation limiting the attendance of faculty, a small group of us had the pleasure of surprising each inductee over the past week so they could celebrate with their friends and family in attendance...

...Our next inductee began his GA career in 2004 as a history teacher. With his extraordinary teaching style, intellect, humor, and humility, he quickly garnered the respect and admiration of the entire GA community. Within five years, he was asked to serve, and still serves, as the Upper School History Department Chair. As one colleague said “For Kendall Mattern to hand pick him to lead the history department and its eclectic band of personalities after just five years at GA demonstrates the character and ability he possesses to not only teach, but to mentor, work with, and quietly lead adults as well as children.”

As if teaching, serving as department head and coaching Middle School baseball wasn’t enough, he has worked with much focus and determination to help make two significant contributions to the GA community. The first, was his work to help establish the China program and build the relationship with our sister school in Beijing. The second, has been his commitment to revive and expand the Model UN program into a very successful and popular student experience, with several students traveling to national events and earning recognition for their work. 

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention that we are grateful for his ability to organize the perfect assembly or craft the perfect speech, as evidenced by his graduation speech back in 2018.

During an alumni event I had the opportunity to sit in on one of his classes. I had no forewarning that he was this revered teacher as I have described, but sitting there around the Harkness Table, it was easy to see how he captured the attention and respect of his students. and as an alum, it brought comfort watching and knowing that he was part of this next generation of teachers that have dedicated themselves to making a difference in the lives of GA students. As one colleague said, ‘He has entered the rarefied air of predecessors such as Rankin, Garvin, Mattern, and McVeigh’. All of these teachers, but especially Peter, would have been honored to see you earn this recognition today.

Please join me in welcoming Robert Moyer into the Class of 1760.

Other 1760 Inductees:

Jodi Bohr

Marisa McAuliffe

Rich Schellhas