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Belfry Club Nominated for Nine Cappies!

The award-winning Belfry Club, the nation's oldest, continuously-run high school dramatic club, received nine nominations from the Greater Philadelphia Cappies organization for its March production of Chicago. 

"We had a small, but mighty group of seniors in Belfry this year, and they definitely stepped up to the challenge," said Belfry Club Director K Richardson. "When the stage crew is doing their job as well as they do, it can appear seamless. I did get to work more with Harry Mirabile and Dave Savidge on sound than usual, and they were amazing with figuring out the new technology and rehearsing with the cast. We are all so grateful we had the opportunity to put our show in front of a live audience before everything went virtual. While Belfry would usually be done for the year, many of the students have wanted to keep meeting, and I am impressed every week at the fun activities they come up. I really love seeing all of their faces."

Belfry Club Nominations for Chicago:

  • Sound: Harry Mirabile '20 & David Savidge '21
  • Featured Actress in a Musical: Isabella Venziale '20
  • Featured Actor: J. Fassler '20
  • Solo Dancer: Alex Kafrissen '20
  • Dance Ensemble: Merry Murderesses for the Cell Block Tango: Brina Cartagenova '20, Maeve Diver '21, Jenna Nolan '22, Lauren Paynton '20, and Isabella Venziale '20. Other dancers who appeared in Cell Block Tango: Clara Alger '22, Tara Babal '20, J. Fassler '20, Alex Kafrissen '20, Christine Meng '22, Grace O’Malley 23, and Morgen Zighelboim '23.
  • Supporting Actress in a Musical: Sydney Hill '21
  • Lead Actor in a Musical: Will Cooper '22
  • Song: "My Own Best Friend"
  • Musical: Chicago



Master of Ceremony: J. Fassler '20

Velma Kelly: Alex Kafrissen '20

Fred Casely: Adhi Gadre '23

Roxie Hart: Rachel Roth '21

Amos Hart: Michael Wood '20

Fogarty: Ali Ruane '23

Liz: Brina Cartagenova '20

Annie: Maeve Diver '21

June: Jenna Nolan '22

Hunyak: Isabella Venziale '20

Mona: Lauren Paynton '20

Matron “Mama” Morton: Sydney Hill '21

Billy Flynn: Will Cooper '22

Mary Sunshine: DJ Hernandez '23

Reporters: Amelia Reaume '23

Kitty: Malia Walton '23

Harry: Vance Thorpe '23

Judge: Janel Butler-Roberts '22

Harrison: Lizzie DiSandro '23

Clerk: Cameron Moore '23

Juror One: Annabel Hellman '22

Featured Dancers: Christine Meng '22, Clara Alger '22, Grace O’Malley 23, Morgen Zighelboim '23, Tara Babal '20

Chicago Ensemble: Clara Alger '22, Olivia Abraham '23, Tara Babal '20, Janel Butler-Roberts '22, Brina Cartaganova '20, Will Cooper '22, Nicole Curtis '23, Lizzie DiSandro '23, Maeve Diver '21, J. Fassler '20, Alissa Freeman '23, Adhi Gadre '23, Annabel Hellman '22, DJ Hernandez '23, Sydney Hill '21, Aisosa Idahosa '23, Zephyrus Kai Johnson '22, Alex Kafrissen '20, Christine Meng '22, Cameron Moore '23, Ruby Moyer '23, Jenna Nolan '22, Grace O’Malley '23, Lauren Paynton '20, Amelia Reaume '23, Elizabeth Riley '22, Rachel Roth '21, Ali Ruane '23, Logan Shallow '23, Vance Thorpe '23, Isabella Venziale '20, Malia Walton '23, Michael Wood '20, Morgen Zighelboim '23

Production Staff

Director & Producer: K. Richardson

Production Manager, Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Stage Manager: Paul Moffitt

Choreographer: Maria Jackson

Combat & Intimacy Director: Jacqueline Holloway

Costumer: Aileen McCullough

Music Director: Jim Wade


Sound Designer: Harry Mirabile '20

Assistant Sound Designer: David Savidge '21

Audio 2 and Backstage Manager: Seth Roth '22

Master Electrician, Light Board Operator: Perry Fraser '22

Spotlight Operators: Finley Wentz '23, Candice Medina '22, Jake Wezner '22, Asher Sasson '23

Constructed by the Foundations of Technical Theatre Class and the Advanced Honors Technical Theatre Class.

Production Manager, Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Set Designer, Stage Manager: Paul Moffitt