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Alumni Spotlight: Germantown Academy Equipment Manager Lance Stewart '09

A student who loved Germantown Academy turned into a staff member who brought his talent and passion back to the school. Read about how Equipment Manager Lance Stewart '09 is one of his alma mater's greatest assets. 

Why do you work at GA?

Germantown Academy gave me a great opportunity coming out of Delaware State’s Sports Management and Sports Administration master’s program beginning as facilities support and as equipment manager. To me, it just made sense and it was nice to be back home. The people are one of the biggest drives. My dad [Jimmy Stewart 1760] misses this place because he worked here so long, but also because of the people he worked with. When he officially retired from food service, I was able to work in the Equipment Room with him helping with the aquatics program, before taking over that position entirely. It was cool working next to my dad.

Best memory of being a student at GA?

Although facilities took the original one down, the tree right on the corner of the Quad was the best shade tree, and me and my best friend, Zephaniah Shemuale ’09, would more than likely be found eating there. From the start of spring until graduation, that was the best spot. That one  and what we now call Field 11 (back then it was Bussinger’s Farm). Back there was an area that was nice and quiet, and you’d be in nature. I still pop over there sometimes to take my lunch. 

Any faculty/staff members that you were excited to work with? 

My biggest connections were Anthony Birch in maintenance and Peter McVeigh. I used to talk to Mr. McVeigh a few times a year during my entire college experience because he was someone who always reached out. I was very excited to come back to GA and be with my dad and Mr. (Jim) Fenerty. They were cool and my dad always told Mr. Fenerty that I was in sports management. There were so many teachers that helped me, but those people put me back here. 

What was one of the biggest adjustments you had to make? 

My favorite first-year teacher was Allison Rader. I remember her starting out in math and she was an awesome teacher, so it was hard for me to call her Allison and not Ms. Rader when I became an employee. My homeroom teacher then was Peggy Bradley, so it is awesome to be coworkers with her. Even Peter McVeigh had to tell me to call him Pete. It was like pulling teeth with me. Graham Martin was super cool about it. When I started working at GA, he pulled me aside during bus dismissal, gave me a handshake, and told me to call him Graham. He was really cool about it, and it helped me smoothly start calling people by their first names. 

What traditions do you enjoy the most?

My favorite GA tradition is either GA/PC Day or anytime we beat PC at any event. That rivalry overall is awesome. The fact that it gets some national publicity is cool and the fact that we always pick up it for that day is great.