Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination: Athlete

Please complete the form below to nominate an athlete who is a GA Alumnus/a. As you complete the nomination, please include as much detail as possible to illustrate the nominee’s achievements to be reviewed by the Selection Committee. The details provided help give the full picture of your nominee’s candidacy and may be discussed with relevant coaches and faculty as necessary during the vetting process. A nominator may be contacted if the Selection Committee needs more information about the nominee than was included in the nomination form.

Inductees are decided by the Hall of Fame Committee using the following criteria:

  • It shall be open to persons who made an outstanding contribution to GA as a superior competitor in GA athletics, or a teacher or coach who compiled a distinguished record, or an administrator who made a long-term, exemplary contribution to the athletic program.
  • Additional consideration will be given for continued contributions to society through community activities, through performance in chosen fields of endeavor and through avocations which bring credit and distinction to GA.
  • Membership is not limited to living members of the GA community. Deceased members of the GA community whose past records reveal that they are eligible may be considered.
  • In order that proper assessment may be made of the nominee, a time period of seven years must have elapsed since the completion of their GA experience. Exceptions to this seven year rule must receive a three-fourths vote by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Nominee Information:

Please indicate if the nominee is deceased by including (decd.) after their name. ​
Please list any additional information you might know that would be helpful to the Hall of Fame Committee, such as team captaincy, career statistics, awards won, school records set, championships won, etc. ​
To the best of your ability, please provide information about the nominee’s college athletics career, and if applicable, professional career.​

Nominator Information:

Please note: A member of the Hall of Fame Committee may contact you in the event that we need more information about a nomination.