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Parent/Coach Communication

Communication Starts Here!

Germantown Academy is a member of the Inter-Academic Athletic League (Inter-Ac) for boys and girls sports. Member schools of this League focus on athletics the same way GA does - with a respect for its players, its coaches and its competition. As parents, when your children become involved in our athletic program, you have a right to understand what expectations are placed on your child. This begins with clear communications from the coach and your child’s program.

Communications student-athletes can expect from our coaches —

Philosophy of the Coach

  • Expectations our coach has for your child as well as the squad
  • Location and time of all practices and contests
  • Team requirements, i.e., special equipment, summer/off-season workouts, etc.
  • Procedure should your child be injured during participation

Communications our coaches can expect from our student-athletes —

  • Concerns expressed directly to the coach
  • Notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance
  • Expectation of attendance at every practice and game as scheduled

Parent/Coach Relationship

Both parenting and coaching are extremely difficult vocations. By establishing an understanding of each position, we are better able to accept the actions of the other and provide a greater benefit to our student-athletes.

As your children become involved in the athletic program at Germantown Academy, they will experience some of the most rewarding moments in their lives. It is important to understand that there will also be times when things do not go the way you or your child wish. At these times, discussion with the coach is encouraged.

Appropriate matters parents can discuss with coaches —

  • Your child’s emotional and physical development
  • Ways to help your child to improve their skills
  • Concerns about your child’s grades or behavior/game conduct
  • College aspirations

Issues not appropriate for parents to discuss with our coaches —

  • Playing time
  • Team strategy
  • Another student-athlete
  • Another GA coach or sport

The Next Step...

There are situations that deem a conference between the coach and parent. It is important following procedure should be followed to help promote a resolution to the issue of concern:

Call or email for an appointment with the coach

  • Germantown Academy’s main number is 215.646.3300
  • This call should be made between the hours of 8am and 8pm, or communicated anytime via email
  • If the coach cannot be reached, notify the Athletic Office at 267-405-7217. Josh MacArthur will help facilitate the meeting logistics for you and the coach
  • Please do not confront a coach before or after a contest or practice. Meetings of this nature are inappropriate and do not usually promote resolution

An appointment with the Athletic Director — If you feel the issue has not been resolved after a discussion between the student-athlete, coach and parent, please call to set up an appointment with Josh MacArthur, Athletic Director, in order to discuss the situation. The coach will be present at this meeting to share his/her input regarding this situation. Research indicates a student-athlete involved in extracurricular activities has a greater chance to succeed during his/her adult years. Many character traits required to be a successful participant in sports at the interscholastic level are directly related to student success after high school. Each student-athlete’s commitment and teamwork will be valuable tools acquired at Germantown Academy during his/her years here.

We hope this information makes your student-athlete’s, as well as your own experience as an involved parent, one that is positive and provides an enjoyable tenure here at Germantown Academy.