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Middle School Athletic Program

Middle School Sports

Peter Jennings '99
Assistant Director of Athletics – Middle School


Middle School sports are open to all interested students, and there are no “cuts.” All of our programs welcome both experienced and novice student-athletes.


  • Coed Cross Country
  • Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Boys Soccer
  • Girls Soccer
  • Girls Tennis
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Coed Water Polo


  • Boys Basketball
  • Girls Basketball
  • Coed Swimming
  • Wrestling
  • Running Club
  • Squash Club
  • Ice Hockey Club


  • Baseball
  • Boys Lacrosse
  • Girls Lacrosse
  • Softball
  • Boys Tennis
  • Coed Track


Middle School Athletic Policy

The joys and disappointments of competition, the satisfactions of teamwork, the beginnings of enduring friendships, and the opportunities for leadership, as well as the development of athletic skills, make sports an important part of life in Middle School. 

In Middle School we seek to maintain competitive teams while also valuing participation and skill development. We want our student-athletes to have the opportunity to compete and for the community to have a sense of pride in the program. 

Team Placement 

GA strives to accommodate every student who wishes to play a specific sport. Depending on the number of participants, teams may be divided into varsity, JV, and/or 3rd teams. In squash, tennis, and basketball, it is sometimes necessary to limit roster sizes. In such cases, students will have the opportunity to switch to another sport, or, depending on interest and space availability, GA may offer alternatives to our interscholastic sports program.   

Our Middle School program takes a developmentally appropriate, flexible approach to team placement based on participation numbers for each sport each year. We look at the composition of teams and approach athletes as individuals.  

Typically, GA will offer different competitive levels for each sport to provide student-athletes with appropriate training and playing time at their respective skill level within their division, regardless of grade level, while always keeping a student’s social development and safety in mind. Our coaches will place athletes on the Middle School team that will best foster their athletic growth and skill development.  

In the Middle School, all athletes will have a regular opportunity to compete, but equal playing time may not be possible in all sports at all levels. 

Competing at the Upper School Level

Germantown Academy offers a robust Middle School athletic program for Middle School students and takes a developmentally appropriate, flexible approach to placing students on athletic teams within their division. However, in order to provide student-athletes with training and playing time at their respective skill level, exceptional athletes may request to be considered for a roster spot on an Upper School varsity team.  

Such permission is only given in exceptional circumstances and the following must be true: 

  • The student-athlete is entering eighth grade
  • The student-athlete must demonstrate the ability to be a starter on the Upper School varsity team
  • The Director of Athletics, Assistant Director of Athletics for Middle School, Upper School varsity coach, Head of Middle School, and eighth grade Head Advisor must agree that approval is in the student’s overall best interest and will not have an adverse effect on their social, emotional, academic, or physical well-being

If approved, the student must maintain their academic performance and community standing. Permission may be suspended should it be deemed necessary for the well-being of the student by the Director of Athletics and the Head of Middle School.   

Families must be aware of current Inter-Ac and PIAA policies, which often change. If they transfer schools after participating at the varsity level, they may lose a year of eligibility in that sport.   

Regarding overnight trips, special accommodations (such as requiring a parent/guardian to travel with the MS student) may be required to allow a MS student to participate, depending on the nature and length of the trip and accommodations available.  

In order to be considered, requests must be sent to the Director of Athletics AND Assistant Director of Athletics - Middle School four weeks prior to the start of the Middle School athletics season. 

Information for Students and Families 

Pick-Up Arrangements for Middle School Sports 
Middle School practices finish no later than 4:45pm, Monday through Thursday. Times for completion of home and away games can vary. There are no Friday practices or games. Pick-up will take place at the Korman Family Pavilion or Carey Stadium. Students who are on campus after 5:15 will go to the Pavilion where there is supervision until everyone has been picked up. 

Schedules for all MS Sports can be found on the "Teams” page of the website. You may also subscribe to a feed for your electronic calendar (note that though changes will appear on your calendar, you will not be alerted to them). Once rosters are set, the primary method of communication will be through Stack TeamApp. This app will have the most up-to-date info on each team, including any changes in the practice and/or game schedule. 

Uniforms & Equipment 
Uniforms are provided by the school. They are issued and returned each season. With few exceptions, Middle School students are responsible for providing their own equipment. The necessary items for each sport are communicated to families prior to the start of each season.   

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Pete Jennings '99, Assistant Director of Athletics – Middle School at 267-405-7548.