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Inter-Academic Athletic League Code of Conduct

The Inter-Academic Athletic League Sportsmanship Statement

The Inter-Academic Athletic League values sportsmanship as its number one priority. Everyone shall conduct themselves as positive role models and represent their schools in a manner that exhibits the principles of sportsmanship. They shall exhibit respect and courtesy towards all participants. All comments about other schools, coaches and student-athletes should be done in a positive manner. Anyone who violates the sportsmanship code may be removed from the event.

Guidelines for Administrators, Coaches, Players and Spectators


  • It is the responsibility of each member school to disseminate the sportsmanship guidelines and review them carefully with coaches and athletes.
  • It is recommended that a faculty representative from each school be present at varsity contests.
  • Inter-Academic Athletic League schools never permit alcohol to be served as a prelude to a contest or during a contest. This includes, but is not limited to, tailgating. When contests occur at a neutral site, the competing schools will ask the host site to prohibit the consumption of alcohol by spectators.
  • Please contact the opposing Athletic Director immediately if there is an incident at a game or contest.


  • Set an appropriate tone at every contest.
  • Greet opposing team and coach on arrival.
  • Always shake hands at the end of the game.
  • Speak respectfully to officials and address concerns in a respectful, private manner.
  • Show respect for your players and use appropriate language at all times.


  • Treat opposing players, coaches and officials with respect.
  • Play within the spirit of the rules.
  • Never use taunting and/or abusive language.
  • Direct any concerns you have about calls or opponents’ behavior to your own coach.
  • Always shake hands at the end of the game.
  • Never use banners and/or signs that contain potentially offensive language or pictures.


  • Be a positive presence.
  • Remember these are student athletes and this is a game.
  • Treat officials with respect and refrain from calling the game from the sideline.
  • Treat all coaches with respect and refrain from addressing them directly during game.
  • Do not direct any comments or cheers to specific opposing players.
  • Never use taunting and/or abusive language.
  • Banners and/or signs that contain potentially offensive language or pictures are prohibited.
  • Noisemakers are prohibited in indoor contests and during outdoor contests they may not interfere with the flow of the game.

We are the Inter-Academic Athletic League
Sportsmanship is an expectation!
So please let:
The players play,
The coaches coach,
The officials officiate, and
The spectators be positive at all times.