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A Rivalry Like No Other! 132 Years & Counting!

Saturday, November 10 at Germantown Academy

I'll always remember the atmosphere on GA-PC day. Playing in front of that many people was incredible and to be out there with classmates and your closest friends is hard to beat.

- Dan Lovitz '10, defender for the Montreal Impact.

2018 GA-PC Day Athletic Events - AT GA!


Please make sure that your car is parked in a spot designated by Germantown Academy. We will have security on hand to assist with parking. You may not park in a commercial and residential lots or streets around campus. GA is not responsible for parking tickets issued by the Whitemarsh Police Department. Plan ahead by reviewing our campus map.

The History of GA-PC DAY

Both Germantown Academy and Penn Charter are members of the Inter-Academic Athletic League (Inter-Ac), founded in 1887. The first few championship playoffs of the League featured GA and PC, and since then the duel has become legend as the longest running prep school football game in the country. The addition of boys soccer and boys cross country matches to the GA-PC Day festivities raised the stakes and ignited the intensity of this traditional clash.

The rivalry, still fiercely competitive, has grown over the years. Once known for its male athletic contests, GA-PC Day began including match-ups between the girls field hockey, girls cross country, girls soccer and girls tennis teams in the 1990s. In 2001, boys water polo was added to the day's events, and girls water polo would follow in 2008. A special Competition Cup, established in 1996, is awarded to the school which wins the most events on GA-PC Day. GA has won the cup for the past two years.

Football History

Year Winner Final Geis Trophy (Game MVP)
2017PC26-17John Washington
2016 GA 17-14 Kyle McCloskey '17
2015 PC 45-17 Mike "Neeko" Hnatkowsky
GA 40-29

Kyle McCloskey '17 (GA) & Isaiah Jones '18 (GA)

2013 GA 42-35 Hayes Nolte (GA) and James Biggs-Frazier (PC)
2012 PC 35-7 Mike McGlinchy (PC) and Eric Neefe (PC)
2011 PC 54-7 Eric Berger (PC)
2010 PC 16-14 Kolonji Smith (PC)
2009 PC 25-22 Mick Foley (PC)
2008 PC 6-0 Alex Starr (PC)
2007 PC 27-24 Reed Marko (GA) and Ed Bambino (PC)
2006 PC 21-10 Sean McNally (PC)
2005 PC 28-6 Brendan McNally (PC)
2004 PC 14-7 Paul J. Sweeney (PC)
2003 PC 22-16 Zack Zeglinski (PC)
2002 PC 35-21 Tony McDevitt (PC)
2001 PC 35-0 Aaron M. Greenfield (PC)
2000 GA 13-0 Brendan Kelly (GA)
1999 GA 28-14 Jim Slattery (GA)
1998 PC 48-27 James Berry (PC)
1997 GA 16-14 Matthew W. Blewitt (GA)
1996 GA 9-6 Robert Heleniak (GA)
1995 PC 40-13 Larry Storm (PC)
1994 PC 44-0 Steven R. Ley (PC)
1993 PC 34-7 Brandon Shepardson (PC)
1992 PC 28-21 Brandon Shepardson (PC)
1991 PC 28-11 Courtney Batts (PC)
1990 PC 6-0 Michael Turner (GA) and William Gallagher (PC)
1989 PC 7-0 Angelo Vokolos (PC)
1988 PC 10-9 Mike Cooley (PC)
1987 PC 35-6 Mike Cooley (PC)
1986 PC 28-18 Mark Skoczynski (PC) and Matthrew J. Basilii (GA)
1985 PC 35-6 Steve Floirendo (PC) and P.J. Maley (PC)
1984 PC 40-17 Patrick Delaney (PC)
1983 PC 20-3 Joseph A. DiGiovanni (PC)
1982 PC 41-0 Edward Malandro (PC)
1981 PC 44-12 Brian McCloskey (PC)
1980 GA 15-6 B. Blair Talmadge (GA) and Gary Hufnagle (GA)
1979 PC 18-6 Glenn W. Tilley (PC) and Robert J. Jackson (PC)
1978 PC 21-0 Terry Dowling (PC)
1977 PC 41-6 Rob Egan (PC) and Frank DeSantis (PC)
1976 PC 7-6 Peter S. Hyndman (GA)
1975 PC 14-6 Robert C. Aitken (PC) and Michael J. Andris (PC)
1974 GA 9-7 Daniel R. Brooks Jr. (GA)
1973 GA 30-6 Andrew Hutter (GA) and Francis J. Cannon (GA)
1972 GA 31-21 James R. Morrison III (GA) and Frank J. Marolla (GA)
1971 PC 14-12 Edward W. Enoch (PC)
1970 PC 32-0 Robert E. Johnston (PC) and W. Henry Resch, Jr. (PC)
1969 PC 18-7 Charles L. Mitchell (PC)
1968 GA 7-6 Robert Fisher (GA)
1967 PC 27-13 Richard Mellor (PC)
1966 GA 14-6 Richard Collier (GA) and Willie Armstrong (GA)
1965 PC 20-0 William H. Scheid, Jr. (PC)
1964 PC 27-12 E. Kenneth Dunn (PC)
1963 PC 33-0 James M. Lampe (PC)
1962 PC 26-7 James M. Lampe (PC) and W. Barry Starke (PC)
1961 PC 32-0 W. Barry Starke (PC)
1960 Tie 6-6 Bernard L. Dallas (GA) and David L. Geyer (PC)
1959 GA 30-0 Bernard L. Dallas (GA)
1958 PC 22-12 James S. Hoover (PC)
1957 PC 34-7 James S. Hoover (PC)
1956 Tie 21-21 Charles Downham III (PC)
1955 Tie 7-7 Fredrick W. Coe (GA)
1954 PC 26-0 Thomas M. Twitmyer (PC)
1953 PC 13-0 Joseph H. Happe, Jr. (PC)
1952 GA 30-0
1951 GA 45-6
1950 GA 21-0
1949 PC 12-7
1948 PC 6-0
1947 PC 19-6
1946 GA 26-13
1945 PC 39-6
1944 PC 31-0
1943 GA 7-0
1942 PC 20-7
1941 Tie 6-6
1940 GA 28-13
1939 PC 14-0
1938 GA 6-0
1937 GA 26-0
1936 PC 13-0
1935 PC 6-0
1934 GA 13-12
1933 GA 7-6
1932 PC 12-0
1931 GA 12-6
1930 PC 12-0
1929 GA 13-6
1928 GA 13-0
1927 GA 6-0
1926 GA 15-7
1925 PC 12-6
1924 PC 57-0
1923 PC 43-0
1922 PC 13-0
1921 PC 20-0
1920 PC 32-7
1919 PC 42-3
1918 PC 15-7
1917 PC 52-0
1916 PC 45-0
1915 PC 26-7
1914 PC 41-0
1913 PC 41-6
1912 PC 33-7
1911 Tie 0-0
1910 PC 9-6
1909 PC 29-0
1908 Tie 0-0
1907 PC 10-0
1906 PC 40-0
1905 PC 30-0
1904 GA 10-6
1903 GA 33-0
1902 Tie 0-0
1901 Tie 6-6
1900 Tie 11-11
1899 PC 12-0
1898 GA 6-5
1897 Tie 0-0
1896 PC 6-4
1895 GA 6-4
1894 PC 22-0
1893 GA 16-8
1892 PC 8-4
1891 PC 70-0
1890 PC 46-4
1889 Tie 4-4
1888 GA 37-8
1887 GA 20-6

Important Dates in GA-PC Day History

Over the years, GA-PC Day has expanded to include field hockey, boys soccer, girls soccer, girls water polo, boys water polo, girls cross country, boys cross country, girls tennis and coed golf (played earlier in the week) as part of the GA-PC Competition Cup.

Important Dates in GA-PC Day History

  • 1887 - First “GA-PC” Day, GA wins! GA & PC have the oldest consecutive football rivalry in the country.
  • c. 1930s - PC moves to Germantown...down the street!
  • 1953 - The first Geis Trophy, awarded to the football MVP in honor of fallen alumnus Joseph Geis III '48 is given.
  • 1950s-1970s - GA Football has incredible performances under legendary coaches Ed Lawless and Jack Turner ’55.
  • 1987 - The 100th Anniversary.
  • c. 1990 - Hallway decorating begins.
  • c. 1990 - First GA-PC Day with girls' sports
  • 2001 - Boys Water Polo is added to the day's festivities.
  • 2012 - The first GA-PC football game at Carey Stadium.

Competition Cup History

During the 22-year history of the GA-PC Day Competition Cup, Germantown Academy has won it 12 times and tied for it five times. Sports included in the GA-PC Day Competition Cup include football, field hockey, boys soccer, girls soccer, girls water polo, boys water polo, girls cross country, boys cross country, girls tennis, and coed golf (played earlier in the week).

1996 - GA1997 - GA1998 - PC2017 - TIE
1999 - GA2000 - GA2001 - PC
2002 - GA2003 - TIE2004 - GA
2005 - GA2006 - TIE2007 - PC
2008 - GA2009 - GA2010 - TIE
2011 - GA2012 - PC2013 - TIE
2014 - GA2015 - PC2016 - GA

* In the case of a tie, the school that won the Cup the previous year retains it.

Fall Belfry Club Performance

GA’s award-winning Belfry Club will perform the musical Chess on Friday, November, 9 (6:30pm) and Saturday, November 10 (7pm) in the Arts Center. With music written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus of the pop group ABBA, the story involves a Cold War era chess tournament between two men and their fight over a woman who manages one and falls in love with the other. Originally conceived as a concept album, Rolling Stone wrote that “the dazzling score covers nearly all the pop bases.”


GA XC Fun Run (8:30 - 9:30am)

Get out your shoes and come run GA’s scenic 5k cross country trail before the students race. Varsity Cross Country coaches Judy Krouse 1760 and Pete Jennings ’99 will be on hand to cheer you on! This is a free event.


FOOD TRUCK ALLEY (11am - 4pm)

Bring your appetite! Come and enjoy delicious street tacos from Revolution Taco, sweet and savory waffles from Foolish Waffles, freshly made pizza from The Pizza Wagon, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches from Say Cheese,

and organic coffee, espresso, and treats from White Horse Coffee & Creamery! THERE WILL BE PLENTY OF SWEETS TOO! Mobile GA concession stands will be roaming the fields as well (cash only). All items can be purchased directly from the vendors.

School Store (10am - 4pm)

Visit the School Store tent outside Carey Stadium to get decked out with the newest GA Gear, including the exclusive Classic Stripe Jersey.


NEW THIS YEAR! The GA-PC Interactive Student Art Project will be set up near the food truck area by the stadium. Stop by to take a photo with this inspiring piece focusing on our unique ties as school communities. You’re sure to enjoy this collaborative effort within the visual arts departments from both schools.

Old Guard Lunch (11am - 2pm)

Complimentary lunch for our Old Guard Alumni (’68 and earlier) and a guest in the alumni tent next to the track. No need to register!

Parents of Alumni Gathering (11am - 1:30pm)

The Parents of Alumni Association Council invites parents of GA alumni for complimentary breakfast treats. Look for our tent on the upper fields! Come enjoy a good ol’ tradition with your parent friends from your days at GA!

Reunion HQ (12-4pm)

Special access for reunion alumni only! Come to the GA Reunion Headquarters tent, located directly behind the end zone (see map), for one of the best views of the football game. Class pictures will also be taken! Exclusive reunion giveaway and light refreshments provided. Bring the sideline passes that were mailed with the reunion invitation.

Post-Game Celebration at MaGerk's (4-6pm)

Immediately following the football game, come celebrate the days’ wins with your fellow Patriots at MaGerk’s. Free appetizers (while they last) and cash bar.