GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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126 Acres of Opportunity!

Our dedication to the success and growth of our student-athletes and coaches is evident in our carefully planned facilities, which feature Carey Stadium and our sprawling outdoor complex, The Field House and brand new Annex, indoor gyms and workout rooms, and the Edwin Lavino Natatorium.

Indoor Facilities

Big Gym

Home to the Patriots' varsity basketball teams and girls' volleyball teams, the Big Gym is located on the far corner of the GA campus and has several entrance points. It can host a full-court basketball game or a full-court volleyball match with a total square footage of 8,915. When pulled out, bleachers can seat approximately 420. The standing room only capacity for the space is 1,626. When used as event space, the Big Gym can hold tables and chairs for a sit-down meal for 524 people. Concession stand space is located right outside of the Big Gym entrance and the restrooms are located below the gym floor. There is no formal ticket booth, but there is an area outside of the main entrance to the Big Gym where a ticket table could be erected as well as a place to sell snacks and drinks.

Big Gym - 8,915 sq. ft.

  • Basketball court - 94x50'
  • Volleyball court - 60x30'
  • Bleacher seating - 420
  • Standing capacity - 1626

Small Gym

Home to the GA wrestling program, and several Upper School and Middle School basketball and volleyball teams, the Small Gym is located between the Dining Room and the Lower School breezeway/Field House breezeway.

Small Gym

  • 6,320 sq. ft.
  • Basketball court - 86x50'
  • Volleyball court - 60x30'
  • Bleacher seating - 150
  • Standing capacity - 450

Edwin Lavino Natatorium

Germantown Academy's natatorium is home to the school's revered swimming and water polo programs. It also the home pool for the Germantown Academy Aquatic Club. It is located below the Big Gym and sits across from the Field House.

The GA swimming pool is a heated, six-lane, 25-meter indoor pool. Starting blocks line the deep end that includes a rope swing and two different height diving boards. The pool also has an electronic timing system and a learn-to-swim platform. Male and female changing rooms are available. There is spectator seating for about 150 in the gallery area above the pool deck. Restrooms can be accessed on the pool deck floor. There is an area to set up ticket sales near the spectator entrance, as well as a small concession stand.

Germantown Academy Pool

  • 6 Lanes
  • Rectangle, 75 x 45'
  • 21-meter Diving Board (12 feet water)
  • Turn Ends, 4'
  • Fitness Room and Equipment
  • 5 Pull-up Bars
  • Plyometric Blocks
  • 9 Vasa Incline Boards
  • 9 Spin Bikes
  • 4 East German Incline Boards
  • 3 Stepping Machines
  • 4 Erg Machines
  • Treadmills
  • Recompense Bike

Exercise Room

Located near below the Big and Small gyms, and adjacent to the Edwin Lavino Natatorium, the GA workout room gives students another option to exercise using a number of state-of-the-art machines, including....

Field House

Located between the Pool and the Lower School, the Field House is a 15,000 square foot facility that supports GA's physical education program and a number of Upper School and Middle School sports programs, including Middle School basketball programs and Middle School and Upper School volleyball programs. The Field House is also used by Germantown Academy Day Camp & Summer Programs.

Field House

  • 15,000 sq. ft.
  • Weight Room
  • 2 Basketball Courts - 85x50'
  • Batting Cage - 70x15'
  • 3 Volleyball Courts - 60x30'
  • Track (14 laps=1 mile)
  • Rock Climbing Wall
  • Table and Chair Seating - 1,285
  • Audience Seating - 2,750
  • Registration Area

The Annex - Field House

The Annex is the newest indoor facility at GA, having opened in January 2017. There are two full size basketball practice courts, which are primarily used for Middle School practice and games. After a successful fundraising initiative, both courts were named for longtime basketball coaches Jim Fenerty (Fenerty Court) and Sherri Retif (Retif Court). The Annex is connected to the Field House with outside access from the Patriot Parking Lot.


  • 14,000 sq. ft.
  • Full floor is floating hardwood - 106x120’
  • 2 basketball courts - 50x94’
  • 4 practice half-courts
  • 2 volleyball courts - 30x60’
  • Divider curtain
  • 2 scoreboards
  • Restroom facilities

Weight Room, Field House

The 1,000 square foot facility is staffed by a full-time certified strength and conditioning specialist, who oversees the programming, implementation, and supervision of daily workouts. The facility features a custom rubberized floor and state-of-the-art equipment, including:

  • 3 Hammer Strength Power Racks
  • 6 Hammer Strength Adjustable Benches
  • 1 Power Lift Customized Olympic Lifting Platform
  • 1 Life Fitness Multipurpose Dual Columned Cable Attachment Tower
  • Multiple pieces of the Life Fitness Signature Series Line, consisting of Lat Pulldown, Cable Row, Chest press, Shoulder Press, Rear Delt, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curl, Adductor, and Abductor machines
  • 1 Hammer Strength Jammer
  • 1 Hammer Strength Multipurpose Abdominal Bench
  • 1 Hammer Strength Four Way Neck Machine
  • Barbells
  • Olympic Lifting Bumper Plates
  • 5,000 pounds of urethane encased weight plates, ranging from 2.5 to 45 pounds
  • Rubber encased dumbbells ranging from 3 to 75 pounds
  • Medicine Balls
  • Swiss Balls
  • Self myofascial release tools, including: foam rollers, lacrosse balls, tennis balls, and sticks
  • Multiple cable attachments, bands, ladders, and cones
  • Cardiovascular exercise equipment, including: a Stair Master, Concept 2 ergometers, stationary bikes, and treadmills (located on the pool deck).

Wrestling Room, Middle School

The Middle School Wrestling Room is located above the Dining Room kitchen. The door to the Wrestling Room is located between the Small Gym and Dining Room entrance. It is home to the Middle School Wrestling Program and is used for practice and home matches.

Middle School Wrestling Room:

  • 35 x 45 feet
  • One full competition mat
  • Monkey bars and pull-up bars
  • Elevated stands for parents and spectators during Middle School competitions
  • TV for film review

Wrestling Room, Upper School

The Upper School Wrestling Room is home to GA's Upper School Varsity and JV Wrestling teams. It is only used for practice purposes and is located in the basement of the Lower School. Home wrestling matches take place in the Small Gym.

Upper School Wrestling Room:

  • 36 x 80 feet
  • Two competition mats
  • Exercise equipment: dumbbells, airdyne, spin bike, reel runner, two climbing ropes, pull-up bars, monkey bars, medicine balls, practice dummies for lifting/throwing
  • Sound system
  • Mounted TV for film review

Outdoor Facilities

Outdoor Athletic Complex

Strategically reconfigured to maximize use of our athletic acreage, Germantown Academy's outdoor Athletic Complex provides top-quality outdoor facilities commensurate to its successful programs. The Athletic Complex features the 890-seat Carey Stadium, parking for 220, five state-of-the art artificial surface fields, six additional natural grass competition fields, a softball field, a baseball field, a cross country course, and a 12-court tennis complex.

Outdoor Athletics Complex:

  • Baseball field
  • Softball field
  • Cement dugouts for home and visiting teams
  • Full backstop with netting on top
  • Baseball field has a yellow-topped outfield fence (320 to left, 300 to center, 310 to right)
  • Home and visiting bullpens alongside the field and a scoreboard in right field
  • 12 USTA competition tennis courts
  • Tennis practice wall
  • Center area for scorer’s table/check-in tent
  • Five artificial surface fields lined for baseball, lacrosse, field hockey, soccer,
  • 3 natural grass fields, which vary in dimension between 180x300’ and 180x360’, can be lined for lacrosse, soccer and/or football
  • One field has a scoreboard with clock and scoring
  • Room for spectators to bring their own chairs and sit within viewing distance alongside each field
  • Parking for 200+ cars, with 450+ parking spaces within walking distance
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Concession stand centrally located
  • Restroom facilities centrally located

Alumni Lacrosse Field

Alumni Lacrosse Field is one of three natural grass fields in Germantown Academy's Outdoor Athletic Complex. It can be lined for lacrosse, soccer, and/or football. It was dedicated in November, 2012 in honor of former GA Boys' Varsity Lacrosse coaches Ted Haynie 1760 and David Martin 1760.

Baseball Field

Situated neatly on its own picturesque plateau in the Outdoor Athletic Complex, the relocated varsity baseball field provides the Patriots' program with a first class baseball facility. Complete with home and guest dugouts, bullpens, with the beauty of The Preserve just beyond the outfield wall, the baseball field presents itself as a featured facility and is one of the nicest fields in the Philadelphia Inter-Ac League. The park’s dimensions are 320’ down the left and right field lines, and 370’ to dead-centerfield

Carey Stadium

Carey Stadium (300 Morris Road, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania, 19034) was opened in 2010 as a multi-sport facility that includes a 200 x 380’ artificial turf field, a regulation track surface with six lanes, high jump area, long jump pit and easy on-and-off sideline access. Lines are drawn on the field for football, soccer and lacrosse. The bleacher seating can accommodate 850 spectators and are handicap accessible. Carey Stadium also houses a concession stand equipped with electrical, an ice machine and a reach-in cooler; restroom facilities, as well as two team gathering rooms, private referee room and a trainer’s room equipped with sink, ice machine and treatment bed. (The team rooms are not always available; Prior approval is needed). The scoreboard in the corner of the Stadium is a multi-sport unit that displays the game clock, home and away scores, time outs left, quarter and football-related information. There is a sound system that is operated from the top of the Stadium where there is a 10-seat granite-topped work area with several electrical outlets and jacks for the microphone and music; all protected by an awning. The Stadium speakers are located on top of the scoreboard. There are several handicap parking spaces adjacent to the entrance to the Stadium in addition to more than 200 spaces spread between two parking lots for the outdoor athletics complex. More parking is available on the GA campus by crossing the Wissahickon Creek by car and returning by foot on the brick pathway. Germantown Academy has hosted many lacrosse and soccer tournaments and was the home to the first coed Inter-Academic Athletic League Track and Field Championships in 2012.

Carey Stadium:

  • 200 x 380’ artificial turf field
  • Regulation track surface with 6 lanes, regulation size field events and easy on-and-off sideline access
  • Field is lined for football, soccer and lacrosse
  • Bleacher seating for 850 spectators
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Concession stand
  • Restroom facilities
  • Two team gathering rooms (prior approval required)
  • Training room with sink, ice machine and treatment bed
  • Electronic scoreboard with multi-sport capability
  • Sound system
  • 10 seat granite-topped work area with several electrical outlets and jacks for the microphone and music
  • Parking for 200+ cars, with another 450+ parking spaces within walking distance

Connor Field & Griswold Family Field

Constructed in 2016 with our Middle School student-athletes in mind, Connor Field & Griswold Field is lined for soccer, baseball, and lacrosse.

  • Artificial turf field - 400x200’
  • Lined for soccer - 360x180’
  • Lined for two Middle School baseball fields - 60’, 75’ and 90’ base paths with 75’ basepath inlaid turf bases
  • Lined for girls lacrosse - 360x180’
  • Lined for boys lacrosse - 330x180’
  • Four-foot fence around the full field
  • Scoreboard
  • Water and electricity at field site
  • Restroom facilities within walking distance
  • On-site parking for 50 cars plus available parking for more than 400 cars on the GA campus

Track & Field, Carey Stadium

Germantown Academy’s track and field facilities are all centrally located inside Carey Stadium. The track was designed so that spectators can actually watch every field event being contested. All meets use the Fully Automatic Timing (F.A.T.) System.

  • Track: BSS 100 6 lane 400 meter track – installed 2011
  • Field Events: 2 Long Jump & high jump pits, 2 Shot Put areas, and bi-directional Pole vault runways
  • FAT System
  • Track & Field Team Room

Cross Country Course

The spectator-friendly 5K course, designed in 2012, features challenging terrain as it winds its way around all of GA's athletic fields. Though it starts on the paved walkways through The Preserve, the course quickly switches to grass and eventually wooded paths as it enters into the Sisters' Woods for two hilly loops. Runners complete a final lap of the upper fields before a dramatic finish on the track inside Carey Stadium.

Dovey Family Field

As one of our natural grass fields, Dovey Family Field, located adjacent to Sheaff Lane, is home to Middle School and Upper School athletics alike, serving as a space for students to practice and play home games.

Sisters' Woods (Jordan Field & Oberkircher Field)

Sisters’ Woods is home to Germantown Academy's Varsity Field Hockey, Varsity Girls' Lacrosse, and Varsity Girls' Soccer Programs. It opened in the fall of 2010 when two new artificial turf fields were installed — Oberkircher Field and Jordan Field. The fields are identical in size at 180 x 300’ and each has their own scoreboard with clock and home and away scoring areas. There is a small spectator seating area next to Oberkircher Field (field closest to the walking path), while Jordan Field has a natural berm where spectators can view the contest from a short height above field level. The fields can be lined for lacrosse, soccer and/or field hockey. Goals for each of those sports are available as well. Portable restrooms are on-site for participant and spectator use. Access to the fields can be attained by parking in the Carey Stadium Lot and using the brick pathway to Sisters’ Woods, or by parking on the GA campus, crossing the Wissahickon Creek on foot to the brick pathway that leads to the fields. There is a donkey set up alongside Oberkircher Field where the scoring table and video setup can be placed. Germantown Academy has hosted many soccer and lacrosse tournaments for all ages on Sisters’ Woods.

Sisters' Woods:

  • Two 180x300’ artificial turf fields - Oberkircher and Jordan Fields
  • Electronic scoreboard on each field
  • Scoring table with overhead view for video at Oberkircher Field
  • Spectator seating next to Oberkircher Field
  • Natural berm seating for specatators above Jordan Field
  • Fields can be lined for lacrosse, soccer and/or field hockey, with goals available for each sport
  • Portable restrooms
  • Parking is available in the Carey Stadium Lot (200) or on the GA campus (450)

Softball Field

Sitting between The Grove and Morris Road, the softball field is home to GA's Softball Program. It is complete with home and guest dugouts, bullpens, and bleachers for spectators.

Tennis Courts

As a component of our 12 court tennis complex, each court is built to USTA competition standard and utilized by all Upper and Middle School teams, gym classes, as well as Summer programs.