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Private Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Germantown Academy invites master teachers to conduct private music lessons on campus for all students who wish to study an instrument. One-on-one lessons take place before, during, and after school at mutually convenient times that do not impact academic instruction. Contact Private Music Lesson Coordinator Hannah Doucette with questions about music lessons.

Interested in beginning an instrument?

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Instrument Offerings


Violin (1st Grade)
Cello (1st Grade)
Viola (3rd Grade)
Double Bass (3rd Grade)

Woodwinds (4th Grade)


Brass (4th Grade)

French Horn
Baritone Horn

Piano, Percussion, Voice

Piano (1st Grade)
Mallet Percussion (4th Grade)
Voice (6th Grade)

Notes on 1st and 2nd Grade Lessons

Violin and Cello (Suzuki Method)

We offer violin and cello lessons using the Suzuki Method approach in 1st and 2nd grade. In order to be in line with the Suzuki philosophy, these lessons do require the participation of a parent or guardian. As reflected in the Suzuki Triangle (parent, teacher, and student working together to reach a goal), the parent/guardian also practices at home with the student on a daily basis. Please visit the Suzuki Association website for further information about the method or feel free to email Hannah Doucette with any questions.

In addition to the weekly private lesson, students are also highly encouraged to participate in the Suzuki Group class, which meets on Mondays from 3:30-4:00pm. No parent/guardian is required for the group session. Group class is a time when students share their music with peers and musical concepts are reviewed in a game-like approach. The focus is on building ensemble skills to prepare for 3rd Grade String Ensemble and reinforcing what is being taught in the private lesson. Contact Hannah to sign up for the group class.

Piano (Traditional)

Students attend lessons once a week and use a traditional approach to learning. No parent/guardian participation is required.

Notes on Percussion Lessons

All students in Germantown Academy's band program will experience a play-based approach to melodic and rhythmic literacy. This is true of every instrument group, including percussion. To achieve confidence in music literacy as quickly as possible, GA percussionists develop a "mallet first" foundation in their music reading. Students taking percussion will achieve mastery of the Rubank Elementary Method for Marimba, A Fresh Approach To Mallet Percussion Method, and the Essential Elements for Band (Percussion Book 1) and then move freely about the percussion section. It is also important to note that due to the size of the percussion instruments, there is a limited amount of space available in the percussion sections and there will be an audition for those entering band. Please contact Jeremy Correnti with any questions!

Fees, Registration, and Policies


  • The cost for 30 half-hour lessons for the 2018-19 school year is $980. Lessons run throughout the entire school year.
  • Fees can be paid in full or in monthly installments.
  • Purchase or rental of instruments, repair, supplies, and music is determined by each teacher, and are the financial responsibility of the student/parent.
  • New students should not purchase nor rent an instrument until they have had contact with the private teacher.


Registration and payment takes place on the ACTIVE Network. A credit card is required and will be charged automatically according to your chosen fee schedule.

Returning Students

The ACTIVE Network registration link is sent via email over the summer to all students who took lessons the previous year. Use this form to sign up for continued studies on the same instrument.

New Music Students

Please complete the Private Lesson Interest Form, and a teacher will contact you to confirm lesson availability. If you have already guaranteed a lesson time with a teacher, register on the ACTIVE Network.

Absence and Cancellation Policy

  • Music teachers are required to make up one student excused absence (illness, family emergency or other personal reason) per semester, and any teacher absences that may occur throughout the year.
    • The instructor must be notified by 7am on the day of the lesson for illness, except in the case of emergency. If the absence is a personal reason, notification must be given to the instructor 7 days in advance.
  • Lessons that fall on days that there is no school, snow days, or days that the instructor is absent will be rescheduled.

Refund Policy

If a student does not wish to continue private lessons, notice of withdrawal must be provided within the first two weeks of lessons. A refund will be provided minus any fees for lessons completed.

By completing registration and payment on the ACTIVE system, you are agreeing to the policies as laid out here.


Anne Flood

Titles: Piano Instructor

Joann Kirchner

Titles: Piano Instructor

Hannah Doucette

Titles: Lower School Orchestra and 3rd Grade Ensemble Teacher, Private Music Lesson Coordinator, Violin & Viola Instructor

Gina Rico

Titles: Violin & Viola Instructor

Joanne Bates

Titles: Cello & Double Bass Instructor

Nancy Metroka

Titles: Flute Instructor

Beth Benson

Titles: Oboe Instructor

Thomas Razler

Titles: Clarinet & Saxophone Music Specialist

Richard Wilhelm

Titles: Trumpet & French Horn Instructor

Matthew Kallend

Titles: Percussion Instructor, All School Band Instructor

Laura Muscelli Hoy

Titles: Voice Instructor

Hayley Varhol

Titles: Low Brass Instructor