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Middle School Drama Department Presents...

The Middle School is proud to present The Mystery Club - Episodes 1 & 2 on Friday, October 18 at 7pm and Saturday, October 19 at 2pm in the Honickman Auditorium.

Tickets are $6 in advance or $8 at the door. E-mail Joanna Rominger or Kristen Donches to purchase a ticket in advance.

Play Summary:

When an actor, athlete, scientist, gamer, bookworm, and school newspaper reporter can't get anyone to join their own after-school clubs, they band together to form The Mystery Club. The amateur detective team investigates the crimes of their fellow middle school students in these hilarious whodunits, from the aggressively supportive members of the Pep Squad, to the masters of disguise in the LARP Society, to the bigfoot-chasing Cryptozoology Club. This edition includes Episode 1: The Case of the Missing Camera and Episode 2: The Case of the Milk Monster.

Running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes


Salaam A. '24

Rosie C. '26

Julia C. '25

Jack D. '26

Aidan G. '25

Neha J. '25

Devin L. '24

Michaila Ma '26

Ana M. '26

McKenna M. '25

Utsav M. '25

Emma M. '24

Julian W. '22

Liam R-H. '24

Larry Z. '25

Zach Z. '26


AJ D. 24

Production Staff

Director - Joanna Rominger

Assistant Director - Kristen Donches