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Middle School Drama Department Presents...

Germantown Academy's Middle School is proud to present Scenes From a Quarantine.   This is a virtual play, and is available for viewing on Friday, March 12 at 6pm.  


Did you know COVID-19 likes to be known as Co? And what if Romeo and Juliet missed their marriage by one day because of a stay-at-home order? Would they still make it? You know all the people in Scenes From a Quarantine. The person who thinks quarantine is going to be easy. The person whose life changed overnight. The person who thinks hairdressers are an essential service. The person who just wants to use class meetings to talk.  This play will give you some laughs, a few tears and maybe even your own “a-ha moment”.


Director: Joanna Rominger

Assistant Director: Kristen Donches 1760

Filming and Editing: Joanna Rominger and Kristen Donches 1760

Marketing and Design: Dina Katz

Communications: Tom McGlinchey

Cast by Scene Title

Easy Peasy!
Sky- Neha J. '25

Love in Quarantine
Romeo- Steven T. '26
Juliet- Neha J. '25

Danny- Julian A. '25

Just Like the Rest of Us
Robin- Dahlia K. '27
Wren- Edie L. '26

Best Friends
Alex- Emerson C. '27
Co (COVID-19)- Calla H. '27

Breakout Room
Bay- Jack D. '26
Greer- Ana M. '26
Sam- Steven T. '26

Desperate Times
Marley- Ana M. '26

Shadow- Niyathi J. '27
Lucky- Sophie K. '27

Jesse- Julia C. '25

Meetings are H…
Pestilence- Julian A. '25
War- McKenna M. '25
Death- Julia C. '25
Famine- Edie L. '26

Dorian- McKenna M. '25

Best Friends- Thwarted
August- Jack D. '26
Co (COVID-19)- Calla H. '27

Sky- Neha J. '25