GA is a PreK-12, coed, nonsectarian day school in Fort Washington, PA

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Click Here to access the Alumni Directory and provide us with your updated contact, business and other information. Instructions to log in and update your information can be found below. Also, sign up for to build your network and volunteer to help others!

Logging In

Access to the Alumni Directory requires a username and password.

Your username consists of your first name, last name, and 4-digit class year (see format below). The password is case sensitive.


Password: Patriots1759

If your first name is an initial, the format of your username is as follows. Please note the space between the first initial and the rest of your name.


Username:a. test.alumni1937
Password: Patriots1759

Once you have logged in to the Alumni Directory, you will have the ability to change your password.

Updating Your Information

1. Once logged in to the Alumni Directory, hover over your name in the upper left corner and select "Profile".

2. In the "Edit Profile" box that opens, make any changes to your information.

3. Clicking the "pencil" icon will allow you to make additional changes.

4. Select "Update Profile" to save your changes.